The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3968

Although Ye Chen is not from Jinling, he has long regarded Jinling as his second hometown.

He has lived in Jinling for nearly 20 years, and now that he has some abilities, he really wants to do something for Jinling.

Especially for the orphans in Jinling and surrounding cities.

This complex of a welfare home and a twelve-year school is a dream that Ye Chen wants to work hard to realize.

In fact, he often thinks back to his life in the orphanage and his friends in the orphanage.

He often thinks of his former self, his younger sister Li Xiaofen, his good brother Zhao Hao, and the pathetic and irritating Zhao Zhuozhuo, and Jiang Ming, who went astray and was personally cut off by himself.

Before Tang Sihai found himself, everyone had nothing to do.

Among them, the biggest reason is that everyone has not had a very good higher education.

Of course, it’s not the Welfare Institute or Tang Sihai.

After all, it’s amazing that the orphanage itself can provide these children with a shelter from the wind and rain and keep them fed and clothed. There is no orphanage that still manages these children to go to college when they are adults.

Although Tang Sihai has the ability to manage, he does not dare to make the conditions of the orphanage too outrageous for the normal operation of the orphanage.

Moreover, in those days, most of the welfare institutions had some difficult conditions because of the funds.

It is precisely because of this that although Ye Chen’s studies in junior high and high school were very good, after graduating from high school, in order to make the other brothers and sisters in the welfare home have a better life, he went to work early in the society.

At that time, although Tang Sihai regretted it, he also felt that for Ye Chen, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.

Because compared to a Ye Chen who works at a construction site and a Ye Chen who is studying in a university, the latter must have a greater chance of being exposed.

At this level of consideration, Tang Sihai did not interfere with Ye Chen’s decision.

Now, Ye Chen doesn’t have the worries of Tang Sihai back then, so he planned to build such a utopian welfare home, not only to give these children a good basic education and the opportunity to receive higher education, but also to let these children have a good foundation. Help children learn how to be grateful and contribute to the development of the city in the future.

Song Wanting probably understood Ye Chen’s thoughts, so she said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I will definitely communicate with the city as soon as possible to see if the city can help solve the problem of location selection and related qualifications. ”

Ye Chen nodded and instructed: “The place can be a little more remote, but the area must be large. What we need to solve is the complex of life, study, daily leisure and art and sports activities for more than 10,000 children. In addition, it must be able to solve the accommodation and living problems of the relevant faculty and staff, and its scale must be at least the same as a university with a level of 10,000 people, and may even be larger.”

Song Wanting hurriedly said: “Master Ye, don’t worry, I will discuss this matter with the city in detail. If you do such a big good deed, the city will definitely support you.”

Ye Chen sighed: “I hope that through our Huichundan auction, the entire international popularity and economic development of Jinling will be raised to a higher level, and when Dongxue has finalized those high-end projects, we will Call these rich people to Jinling again, and let them do their best to invest in Jinling, and by then, Jinling will definitely become a new international favorite!”

Song Wanting smiled and said, “When the popularity of Huichundan continues to spread, I am afraid that the world’s richest people will come to Jinling to invest…”

Ye Chen said confidently, “Don’t worry, this day will come soon.”

Song Wanting nodded, suddenly remembered something, and asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, who do you plan to hand over to run this welfare home? After we build everything up, we will hand it over to the city to run it. , or do you set up an operating team yourself?”

Ye Chen hesitated for a moment, then said, “I personally tend to let an aunt from the orphanage be in charge. She was the one who took care of us when I was young. A highly educated person, from what I know about her, she should be up to the job.”

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