The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3989

In the pedestrian area on both sides of the road, there are also many mobile food trucks. Some people sell pancakes and fruits, and others sell Northwest Roujiamo.

Although it was past lunch hour, the vendors were still doing well.

Ye Chen stopped and watched for a while, the only feeling was that life here was comfortable and peaceful, and he couldn’t see where the danger was at all.

At this time, several seventeen or eighteen-year-old men and women who looked like middle school students came to the door of the convenience store. They brushed past Ye Chen, pushed the door and walked in.

Ye Chen looked back and saw an Asian girl with long blonde hair at the head, followed by a trendy and flamboyant Asian boy, who were arm-in-arm like a couple.

And behind the man and the woman, there were two girls dressed in colorful clothes, one of them even had a lip ring.

Ye Chen’s first impression of these people was that they looked like troubled teenagers who were more common in third- and fifth-tier cities in China.

The four entered the convenience store, and the girl in the lead said directly, “Hey, pack a Marlboro for me!”

Li Xiaofen turned around, and when she saw these children, she frowned and said coldly, “There are regulations in BC that only people over the age of 19 can buy cigarettes.”

The girl in the lead curled her lips and said disdainfully, “Auntie is already nineteen years old!”

Li Xiaofen said lightly, “Then please show your health card.”

The girl at the head said contemptuously, “I don’t have a health card. I’m nineteen this year. If you don’t believe me, ask that bitch!”

After that, she pointed at Claudia beside Li Xiaofen and said with a defiant expression: “Hey, that disfigured bitch, tell this bastard, is my mother nineteen years old this year!”

Claudia was a little nervous, but said firmly: “If I remember correctly, you should have just turned eighteen this year.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Li Xiaofen and said seriously, “Sister Xiaofen, if we sell cigarettes to her, according to the laws of BC, the shop will be fined up to 50,000 Canadian dollars.”

Li Xiaofen frowned and said, “I ask you guys to focus on your studies every day, don’t come to me to find fault with me, you can go, you are not welcome here!”

The girl’s face suddenly turned cold, she stared at Claudia, and said coldly: “Sure enough, she is a slut, she usually likes to steal the limelight at school, but now it’s disfigured, and she’s fucking here, my mother buys a bag. You have to make trouble for the old lady, it’s so fucking cheap!”

After finishing speaking, she hugged her shoulders and looked at the boy beside her, and said with disgust, “You are really blind, you even secretly liked this bitch before, didn’t you write a few love letters to her behind my back? It seems that she never hanged you at that time! It is estimated that she did not take you seriously at all, but now she is disfigured, do you want to break up with me and try to pursue her again? Not sure!”

The boy said a little embarrassedly: “Yunyun, that’s all in the past. It was true that I was blind in the past, and I will definitely not be seduced by such people in the future…”

When Claudia heard this, she immediately said coldly: “Li Haoyang, please pay attention to what you say! I have never seduced you! The letters you wrote to me, I didn’t even open them and returned them to me. There you are! I hope that as a boy, when you speak, at least a little bit of the most basic responsibility a boy should take!”

The boy who was called Li Haoyang immediately blushed, but the girl beside him sneered and said: “Oh, Li Haoyang, no one has read the letter you wrote to others, you say you are not ashamed? The key is She’s disfigured and ugly now. She still looks down on you, and can still hit you in the face. What do you mean by being alive? If I were you, I’d just find a piece of tofu and kill her. !”

Li Xiaofen said at this time: “Please go out and hit if you want to die, don’t hit in my shop, I don’t welcome you here.”

“Grass!” the girl scolded loudly: “You fucking run a convenience store, what do you pretend to be like? Believe it or not, I will stop your store from opening in minutes?!”

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