The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4025

Seeing this scene, the three of them collapsed in fright almost instantly.

Because, they knew very well that since these men in black could directly deal with their nine brothers without making a sound, it proved that the strength of these people was beyond what they could imagine.

This also means that the three of them will not escape bad luck in the future!

Just when the three of them were terrified, several more men walked in with four comatose men on their backs, and one of them said, “Palace Master, we found four drivers in the four cars, and another trunk. There are also two comatose women hidden.”

Seeing that the brother in their car was also caught, the three immediately realized that this time they were completely planted.

At this time, Wan Pojun, who was wearing a black combat uniform, stepped in front of the three and asked coldly, “Who is the boss among the twelve of you?”

The three of them were too scared to speak, and they kept thinking about how to get out at this time.

Seeing that the three of them didn’t speak, Wan Pojun immediately stretched out his hand, grabbed the neck of the man in front, pressed his thumb on his Adam’s apple, and exerted a little force, the man’s face was flushed red, and he was in extreme pain. But no sound came out.

Wan Pojun stared at the man and said coldly, “If you don’t say anything, I will break your neck. Anyway, if you don’t say anything, I still have more than a dozen people who can ask them one by one, and someone will always say it!”

The man widened his eyes in fright, desperately trying to nod his head.

Seeing this, Wan Pojun released his thumb so that the other party could finally breathe normally.

Immediately afterwards, the man hurriedly pointed to a comatose white man on the ground and said out of breath, “He…he is our boss…”

Wan Pojun immediately pushed the man to the ground, then strode up to the unconscious leader on the ground, grabbed his hair, and directly pulled him up from the ground.

The severe pain in the scalp made the man wake up instantly, and then he looked at Wan Pojun in horror and blurted out, “You…who are you…”

Wan Pojun said coldly, “Let me ask you, where are you going to meet next?”

The man was too frightened to speak.

Because he knew very well that if he spoke out, Andre knew that he would definitely kill himself later.

Seeing that he was silent, Wan Pojun took out a dagger and inserted it between his left ribs without blinking.

Who would have thought that Wan Pojun would stab the knife as soon as he came up, and the wound would suddenly hurt his heart, and the intense pain went straight from the wound to his internal organs.

He didn’t have time to cry out, Wan Pojun said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid, I haven’t stabbed your vitals, and my knife doesn’t have a blood channel, so your skin and subcutaneous fat can be very good. The ground is attached to both sides of the blade, so not a drop of blood will flow out.”

Hearing this, the other party turned pale with fright.

At this time, Wan Pojun waved his other hand to the man next to him, and the other party immediately sent a micro-syringe.

This kind of syringe is only two or three centimeters long, of which the needle is about one centimeter long, and the back is a tube-shaped medicine bag, and the medicine bag contains about one milliliter of unknown liquid.

Wan Pojun looked at the man and said lightly: “Your wound should be very painful, right? But don’t worry, this medicine in my hand has a strong stimulating effect on your nerves. The pain will be magnified a hundred times, and then you will feel more sour.”

The man trembled violently with fright. He didn’t doubt Wan Pojun’s words at all, because he had heard of this kind of thing before, but it was all used by top secret agents, and he didn’t usually have the chance to touch it.

Seeing that this group of people is extremely strong and their professional quality is also very high, he realized that this group of people must have a lot of background, so it is not a problem to have this kind of medicine.

Just when he was terrified, Wan Pojun had inserted the needle into his neck.

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