The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4055

Wan Pojun looked at him coldly, and then suddenly punched his dantian. In an instant, the powerful internal force shook his dantian to shreds, and all his cultivation bases instantly vanished into a wreck.

He knelt on the ground in pain, Wan Pojun threw him directly behind him, and said to a member of Wanlong Palace behind him: “Take him to the boat, except for him and the young boy in front, the rest Kill it all!”

As soon as these words came out, several Wanlong Palace soldiers immediately rushed to the edge of the fence and raised their guns to shoot at those who jumped into the sea and were thrown into the sea.

And Wan Pojun personally committed suicide to the young man named by Ye Chen who wanted to stay alive.

The other soldiers from the Wanlong Palace aimed at the entourage beside the young man, shooting one by one with precision.

Around the young man, blood splattered all over the place.

Seeing the entourage being shot in the head and falling to the ground one by one, the young man was trembling with fright.

At this time, Wan Pojun had come to him.

The young man looked at Wan Pojun in despair, and blurted out: “I… I am the third young master of the Qiao family in the United States. If you dare to kill me, the Qiao family will never let you go… …”

Wan Pojun smiled and said, “Now that it’s popular, it’s self-reporting, right? Well, get to know me, I’m Wan Pojun of Wanlong Palace.”

When the young man heard the words Wanlong Palace and Wan Pojun, his whole face was as if struck by lightning, his face full of horror.

He naturally knew Wan Pojun’s name and knew that Wan Pojun was the master of Wanlong Palace, but he couldn’t believe that a person as strong as Wan Pojun would actually do something to himself.

Although the Qiao family is also famous in the United States, in the final analysis, it is the middle and upper level of the United States. How could it be possible to provoke the Wanlong Palace?

So, he said subconsciously: “You…how could you be Wan Pojun… Our Qiao family has never offended the Wanlong Palace… What happened to the Wanlong Palace? Will you attack me?”

Wan Pojun sneered: “Why did you attack you, you will know in a while.”

After all, he stepped forward, like catching a chicken, picked up the young man, and took him directly back to the freighter.

At this time, more than a dozen corpses were already floating on the sea, and more than a dozen were lying on the deck of the yacht.

Several Wanlong Palace soldiers were ordered to start inspecting the yacht. They went deep into the yacht and checked, and found five more hidden crew members in the yacht.

After killing the five people, they did not find the kidnapped girl in the cabin, so they immediately withdrew.

At this time, the stern of the yacht is sinking faster and faster, and the angle of the bow is getting bigger and bigger.

After the Wanlong Palace soldiers all withdrew to the freighter, the angle of the yacht’s inclination exceeded forty-five degrees.

After a few minutes, the second half of the entire ship was completely submerged, and the first half was completely perpendicular to the water.

At this time, the whole ship began to sink into the sea at an extremely fast speed, and after less than twenty seconds, it disappeared without a trace.

At this time, only a pile of floating bodies and debris from the explosion of the cruise ship were left on the sea.

Ye Chen stared at the surface of the water and observed it carefully for a moment. After confirming that Wan Pojun and the others did not leave a living hole, he turned around and looked at the two people who were tied up and shivering on the deck, and went straight to the body of the young man. Before, he said coldly, “Come on, let me introduce myself first!”

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