The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4056

The young man looked at Ye Chen and said with a look of panic: “You… Who are you… I have no grievances with you, why are you attacking me?!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “No grievances and no grudges? Among the six girls you are going to trade from the Italian group today, one of them is my sister. You still have the face to tell me that you have no grievances and no grudges?”

Having said that, Ye Chen took the pistol directly from Wan Pojun’s hand and fired a shot at his right leg.

With a bang, the young man’s right leg was hit with a blood hole, and along with his painful screams, a large amount of blood quickly poured out of the hole.

The young man said in great pain: “I’m just here to pick up a few people, I don’t know anything about other things…”

“Really?” Ye Chen aimed the gun at his left leg and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

After a shot was fired, the young man hugged his legs hysterically and cried, and the whole person was almost fainted from the pain.

Ye Chen said coldly at this time: “Anything I don’t want to hear, I’ll punch a hole between your legs!”

The other party was frightened and cried, trembling and pleading: “Don’t…don’t…I say…I say everything…”

Ye Chen said coldly: “First of all, let me introduce myself, who’s name is who, and where do you come from.”

The other party cried and said, “I…my name is Qiao Feiyu…the third young master of the Joe family in Seattle…”

“Qiao’s family?” Ye Chen frowned and asked Wan Pojun, “Pojun, do you know the Qiao family?”

Wan Pojun pondered for a moment, and said, “It seems to be a bit of an impression. The Chinese family was not too strong at first, and the total assets are estimated to be 20 to 30 billion US dollars. However, the development has been very fast in recent years, and the total assets are estimated to have been fast. It’s close to a hundred billion dollars, and it has a certain influence on the West Coast.”

Ye Chen nodded, looked at Qiao Feiyu, and said coldly: “Since your family has assets of hundreds of billions, why do you still do this kind of hurtful thing? Is it for excitement?”

Qiao Feiyu cried and said, “No… I didn’t do it… I just helped my eldest brother go to sea to pick up someone… I don’t know anything else… .”

Ye Chen asked coldly, “Who did your eldest brother ask you to pick up?”

Qiao Feiyu didn’t dare to hide it, and said quickly: “In the materials submitted by the Italian group this time, there is a girl named Li Xiaofen. My elder brother asked me to take her to New York…”

Ye Chen had heard from members of the Italian group before that the other party would dispatch a yacht to pick them up, and there was a high probability that a big man with a background had fallen in love with a certain girl in this transaction.

Now that Qiao Feiyu mentioned Li Xiaofen’s name, he thought it was his eldest brother who thought badly about Li Xiaofen.

So, he immediately put a gun to Qiao Feiyu’s forehead and asked, “Isn’t your Qiao family in Seattle? Why did your elder brother ask you to send Li Xiaofen to New York? Seattle to New York spans the entire United States, at least 4,000 kilometers. Don’t you want to be far away?”

Qiao Feiyu hurriedly said: “He said that a big man in New York fell in love with that Li Xiaofen, and the other party hoped that my elder brother would send him over as soon as possible, so my elder brother asked me to come over to pick up the goods, and let me be responsible for the inspection… ..”

“Inspection?!” Ye Chen slapped Qiao Feiyu in the face with a slap, directly pulling out seven or eight of his teeth, and asked sharply, “Are you still in charge of inspection? Are you fucking tired of living?”

Qiao Feiyu hurriedly cried and explained: “It’s not what you think… My eldest brother asked me to inspect the goods, in fact, to see with his own eyes Li Xiaofen’s actual appearance, whether it is the same as the photo, if you are sure that the actual appearance is not the same as the photo. If there is any discrepancy, contact him immediately, and he will send a seaplane over to take that Li Xiaofen directly to New York…”

After speaking, he choked with grievances and said, “I would never dare to mess around with girls who are generally favored by big people…”

Ye Chen originally thought that Qiao Feiyu’s eldest brother should be the big man who liked Li Xiaofen, but what he didn’t expect was that this big man was someone else.

So, he immediately asked: “Who is the big man your elder brother is talking about?!”

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