The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4060

Marven Ye knew that Zhao Yinsheng had not lied.

In order to survive, he had already told everything he knew.

So, Ye Chen also fulfilled his promise and said to Zhao Yinsheng, “Congratulations, you are the only one who survived on this yacht.”

With that said, he looked at Wan Pojun and instructed: “Po Jun, take him and those Italians to Syria.”

Wan Pojun nodded and said, “Mr. Ye, your subordinates should notify the freighter in the port to set sail now, just as our ship is starting to drive back, find a place to meet and transfer these people on board. , and then the freighter goes directly to Syria without stopping.”

“Okay!” Ye Chen instructed: “On the way to sail, be sure to tell the soldiers to guard against the dead, and must not let anyone escape!”

Wan Pojun said immediately, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, the soldiers of Wanlong Palace will definitely complete their mission 100%!”

Zhao Yinsheng asked nervously at this time: “Ye…Mr. Ye…Why did you take me to Syria?!”

Ye Chen said coldly: “In order to save your life, you have only two choices, either die here like these corpses in the sea and wait to be salvaged; or you can honestly follow the soldiers of Wanlong Palace to Syria, where you can go to Syria. Leave a way out for you, and think for yourself.”

When Zhao Yinsheng heard this, he immediately shut his mouth with interest.

Everyone else was dead, and he was the only one alive.

At this time, he was already the luckiest one.

What else is there to hesitate?

Thinking of this, he immediately said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye…I…I am willing to go to Western Syria…”

Ye Chen nodded and said to Wan Pojun, “Let’s have him take him down and return.”

The freighter turned in the sea and headed in the direction from which it came.

On the deck, Ye Chen faced the sea breeze, and his heart was as restless as the waves beneath his feet.

Today’s matter, he can actually have two choices. One is to stop right now. With the news that was coaxed out tonight, even if it is the Qiao family, I am afraid that he will never dare to come to Vancouver to do evil, and those gangs entrenched in Vancouver will dawn tomorrow After that, everyone will definitely be in danger, and no one will dare to think about Li Xiaofen again in the future;

But in that case, Vancouver is safe, but the rest of Vancouver probably won’t change anything.

In that case, such tragedies will continue to be played out in other places, in other young girls.

And his other option is to dig down the line of Qiao’s house, dig it all the way to its roots, and then eradicate it.

It is true that choosing the first one is the easiest, and this is the end of it all, without any further effort.

However, Ye Chen chose the second option without hesitation!

For some things, it’s fine if you haven’t seen them, but if you pretend you don’t see them after you see them, your conscience will be condemned.

So, he called Wan Pojun to him and said, “Pojun, I’ll go back to the United States after dawn, you leave a few female soldiers here to protect Xiaofen and Aunt Li, oh yes, and That Claudia.”

Wan Pojun immediately said: “Okay, Mr. Ye, I plan to send half of the crew to escort the group back to Syria, and then leave a few female soldiers in Canada. I will take the rest to Seattle and start investigating the Qiao family. What do you think of the situation?”

Ye Chen nodded and said: “The Qiao family is in a special situation. Although they are full of evil, they are actually just a sinful supply chain, like a dark river, constantly providing water to the evil beasts downstream, so we not only To find out the scale and flow direction of this dark river, it is also necessary to find out how many animals downstream are drawing water from this dark river. The energy behind this may be greater than all our energy combined. So you must be cautious, focus on investigation first, and don’t act rashly.”

Wan Pojun said without hesitation: “Okay, Mr. Ye, this subordinate understands!”

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