The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4065

Ye Chen gently placed his finger on Aunt Li’s pulse gate, and a little spiritual energy entered, and he felt that Aunt Li’s overall physical condition was the same as that of a healthy person, and the condition of both kidneys was also very good.

However, under the perception of spiritual energy, I can vaguely feel some subtle rejection between the body and the two kidneys. It seems that this is the rejection of the transplanted organ, but this rejection is very slight and should be anti-rejection. medicines are working.

Ye Chen originally wanted to give Aunt Li a rejuvenation pill, but thinking about it carefully, it is a bit abrupt to take out the rejuvenation pill now, and the medicinal effect of the rejuvenation pill is strong, which will bring greater harm to Aunt Li and others. shock.

Moreover, for Aunt Li, who had never known Huichundan, the shock would probably take her a long time to digest.

What’s more, Aunt Li’s overall health is now relatively healthy, not as terminally ill as Gu Yanzhong at the time, so she doesn’t need to rush to take any medicine.

In addition, Ye Chen didn’t want to take out the rejuvenation pill, so that Aunt Li felt that he owed him a huge favor, so he planned to use a silent method of moisturizing things.

So, Ye Chen temporarily put more aura into Aunt Li’s body, so that the aura filled her internal organs.

Ordinary people do not have spiritual energy, nor do they have the ability to master the cultivation method, so the natural absorption ability of spiritual energy is very weak. These spiritual energy can play a very good slow-release effect in Aunt Li’s body, and will continue to protect and nourish Aunt Li. body, and at least three to five years of efficacy.

In the past three to five years, Aunt Li’s physical condition will get better and better, and people will become younger and younger. The overall efficacy of the medicine is actually no worse than Huichundan.

But in this way, it is equivalent to delaying the release of Huichundan’s medicinal effect within five minutes to three or five years.

In this way, no matter the person involved or the other people around him, there will be no obvious feeling, but it will only feel that this person seems to be getting younger and younger.

After doing all this, Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Aunt Li, your body has recovered very well, but I have a suggestion, you don’t need to take any anti-rejection medicines in the future, your body will be the same as other people’s bodies. Different, your body is very well matched with the transplanted kidney. If you take anti-rejection drugs for a long time, it will have long-term effects on your body. I suggest you stop the medicine from tonight and observe the effect after stopping the medicine. Does the body feel better, and if so, stop it altogether.”

Aunt Li was convinced of Ye Chen’s words, and said without hesitation: “Okay! From tonight, stop the medicine and try it!”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and nodded slightly.

The slow-releasing effect of the aura has already begun, but it’s just a short time, and Aunt Li won’t have any obvious feeling, but if she sleeps, the feeling will definitely be much more obvious.

Therefore, Ye Chen deliberately asked her to stop the medicine, making her mistakenly think that her body became better because of the withdrawal.

As for the original rejection reaction between the kidneys and the body, under the action of spiritual energy, it has completely disappeared, so naturally this medicine does not need to be taken anymore.

In this way, Ye Chen believes that Aunt Li will not blame herself for her better health in the future, and it will not make her feel too much indebted to herself, and she will serve multiple purposes!

After doing this, Ye Chen suddenly found that eighteen-year-old Claudia, standing by herself, looked a little down.

Ye Chen said to her, “Claudia, come to Jinling when the time comes!”

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