The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4075

Someone below said: “Godfather, the death of a person is two million dollars. This price is already very high. If we have to make an inch, will we push the other party in a hurry? I don’t want to get the last dime, or to get it. The money received has shrunk greatly!”

The old godfather Ryan smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, I have worked in the group for 50 years, and I have no other skills, but the ability to judge the situation, I am confident that none of you sitting here can compare to me.”

After speaking, he immediately picked up the phone and returned to Qiao Feiyun’s assistant.

As soon as the call was made, the old godfather said in an unquestionable tone: “I don’t care who you are, I will tell you my conditions now. If you want us to shut up, then everyone will give at least five million dollars in pensions. And the money must be paid in the shortest possible time!”

Qiao Feiyun’s assistant was taken aback by this offer, and he scolded: “Are you fucking crazy?! Five million for one person, and more than 800 people, do you know how much it is?! This is four billion dollars. !”

The old godfather was also taken aback by himself, and he thought to himself: “Damn, is four billion dollars so much? I thought five million times eight hundred equals four hundred million…”

However, the old godfather played on the tradition of the Sicilian descendants with a guilty conscience and said loudly: “What? Do you think it’s too much? Then don’t give a penny! Our real purpose is to find the whereabouts of our relatives, which is not uncommon. You’re a little bit of money!”

With that said, the old godfather said impatiently: “Forget it, let’s stop contacting each other, let the police handle this matter!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old godfather hung up the phone immediately without waiting for any response from Qiao Feiyun’s assistant.

Qiao Feiyun’s assistant was stunned with his mobile phone. After he came back to his senses, he ran into the room and said in a panic, “Master, those Italians want to pay five million dollars alone, otherwise they will call the police… …”

“Five million?!” Qiao Feiyun’s head buzzed instantly, and he blurted out, “Are these bastards crazy?! Five million, how can they say it!”

Qiao Feiyun’s assistant was also very annoyed and said: “This group of people is the lion’s mouth! Eight hundred and twenty people, if the compensation is five million, we have to prepare 4.1 billion in cash, and it is still US dollars… …”

After he said that, he continued cursing: “Eldest young master, these people are not good men and women at all, family members of the Mafia, how many good people can there be?”

Qiao Feiyun gritted his teeth and said, “I know they have no good birds, but the problem now is, if they really choose to call the police, we will be in big trouble! Have you heard of any developed country where more than 800 people disappeared overnight? A Malaysia Airlines plane went missing, and the whereabouts of more than 200 people are unknown. After so many years, the world has stopped paying attention, not to mention the disappearance of 820 people this time… As long as this incident breaks out, it will be a nuclear bomb No one can cover the explosion…”

Qiao Feiyun’s assistant hurriedly asked, “Master, what do you mean…”

Qiao Feiyun pondered for a moment with a very gloomy face, then gritted his teeth: “Tell them, three million per person is the limit I can bear, and there is nothing more!”

After speaking, Qiao Feiyun instructed again: “When calling, you must pay attention to your skills, you can’t wait for the other party to reply after saying this, then the other party will feel that you have no room for him, and if the other party is provoked, it is very likely that You won’t be able to get off the stage, so after you finish speaking, don’t wait for him to answer you, just ask him to think about calling you again, and then hang up the phone, so that you can leave some space for him, if he can accept it, Naturally, he will contact you, and if he thinks he wants to add more, he will contact you again.”

The assistant said immediately: “I understand the young master, I will call him back now!”

Qiao Feiyun stopped him: “Just this time!”

“Good sir!”

The phone quickly called the old godfather Ryan.

Ryan looked at the incoming call with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth. Using the microphone used by priests in the church on weekdays, he said to everyone, “I’m calling again from my home. Keep quiet, everyone, and I’ll turn on the speaker!”

The scene was suddenly silent.

Ryan pressed the answer button confidently.

Looking at the eyes of everyone’s worship and expectation, at this moment, he felt as if he was possessed by a god.

He felt that he must completely stabilize his momentum and not give the other party any chance to counteract.

At this time, Qiao Feiyun’s voice came over the phone: “Hello, my boss has given you a final offer after considering it, three million per person, other than that, there is no extra penny, you can Think about it and give it to me…”

Before the five words to call me back were finished, Ryan immediately yelled into the phone: “Don’t fuck me with this! I said, five million dollars, don’t talk to me for a penny! All five of my sons are dead, do you think I will take money seriously? Go and tell your master, I will only give him three minutes, if he doesn’t answer me within three minutes, I will immediately bring thousands of dollars to the scene Family members go to the police station to report the crime!”

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