The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4084

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, he immediately asked curiously: “Master Fei, which woman do you like? Please give me her basic information, and I will let people investigate her trajectory first! Let’s see if there is a chance to start. As long as there is a chance, even if she is the princess of the royal family of any country, I will definitely get it for you!”

Fei Haoyang laughed and said immediately, “Feiyun, it has to be you!”

After speaking, he asked with a smile: “Feiyun, have you heard of a very famous female singer in Huaxia named Gu Qiuyi?”

“Gu Qiuyi?!” Qiao Feiyun was stunned and blurted out: “Master Fei, you are not kidding me… You are looking at Gu Qiuyi?!”

As a Chinese, it is impossible for Qiao Feiyun not to know Gu Qiuyi.

After all, in the field of culture and entertainment, Gu Qiuyi is known as the light of the Chinese.

She is currently one of the most influential Chinese singers in the world.

Moreover, Gu Qiuyi really has all the qualities of a national idol, not only is she extremely beautiful, but her figure and temperament are unique.

In addition, she is different from those celebrities who like to put gold on their faces and pretend to be the second generation of rich and rich. She is a real second-generation rich, and she is a top-level second-generation rich.

The Gu family is already ranked third in the country, not to mention that Gu Qiuyi is the only daughter of the Gu family! This gold content is much stronger than those of the rich second generation of the prosperous big family.

What’s even more rare is that she is different from the stars in the entertainment industry who have all kinds of scandals all day long and have a lot of promiscuous history. Since her debut, she has no love history, no scandals, and no stains.

Absolute perfect goddess, perfect idol.

Therefore, Qiao Feiyun is also a fan of Gu Qiuyi in a sense.

When he heard that Fei Haoyang actually wanted to attack Gu Qiuyi, he was shocked.

Fei Haoyang said very indifferently at this time: “Looking at the Chinese men all over the world, there should be no one who can’t look down on Gu Qiuyi, right? She should be the highest Mount Everest in the minds of Chinese men, of course I want to find one A chance to kiss Fang Ze.”

Qiao Feiyun suddenly resented and hated Fei Haoyang in his heart, because he didn’t want his goddess to fall into Fei Haoyang’s hands.

Fei Haoyang is a beast, and no one knows better than him.

If a top goddess like Gu Qiuyi died tragically in his hands, it must be the pain of the Chinese all over the world.

So, he bite the bullet and said: “Master Fei, Gu Qiuyi’s identity is very special…she is not only the most famous Chinese star, but her family’s assets are conservatively estimated to be more than 200 billion US dollars, if you touch her …will this negative impact be too great?”

Fei Haoyang asked back: “Isn’t there you? As long as you operate well, the world will only know that Gu Qiuyi is missing, maybe she is dead, but no one can know how she died, it will take a while at most The news headlines, after a period of time, the popularity will drop, and no one will pay attention to it.”

Qiao Feiyun was in a cold sweat. Although he killed a lot of girls, most of those girls were from ordinary families, and some of them didn’t even have a family, and naturally they had no background.

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