The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4097

“Ninja?” Qiao Feiyun was a little surprised when he heard this, and couldn’t help asking: “Master Fei, do you know anything about Japanese ninjas?”

Fei Haoyang nodded: “I understand a little bit. The people under my father’s hands have worked with Japanese ninjas before, and it is said that they are not bad.”

Qiao Feiyun hurriedly said: “If there are reliable ninjas, you might as well invite some to New York first, but since they are the executors of the alternative plan, we cannot let them know what they are going to do until the alternative plan is launched. what.”

“Yes.” Fei Haoyang said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it, and let them send some top experts here first.”

Having said that, Fei Haoyang said again: “By the way, Feiyun, let the ninja wait for an opportunity in the hotel, it is our plan B, but in addition, we have to think about a plan C, just in case, I think interception Gu Qiuyi’s team is also a solution, you can find a way to gather a group of mercenaries, just like those ninjas, just in case.”

“Okay!” Qiao Feiyun said without hesitation: “Young Master Fei, don’t worry, I will arrange this!”

Fei Haoyang nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile: “Okay, let’s talk so much today, it’s getting late, you should rest early, I think Gu Qiuyi will come to the United States in a few days, you, just Don’t go back to Seattle yet, and live here safely these days.”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, he naturally couldn’t ask for it, and quickly said: “No problem, Master Fei, I won’t leave for the time being until I help you get Gu Qiuyi.”


At this moment, Ye Chen has returned to the hotel in Providence.

When Xiao Churan saw that he had returned safely, he finally let go of his dangling heart, and then eagerly asked some details about Ye Chen’s trip to Canada this time.

Ye Chen didn’t want her to worry, so he reduced the severity of the matter as much as possible.

In the end, it came out of his mouth that this matter was a trivial matter, but the little girl who texted herself was a little overreacted.

After listening to Ye Chen, Xiao Churan naturally believed it to be true. After all, in her opinion, the law and order in Canada, an old developed country, is not as chaotic as the United States. Li Xiaofen, a girl, would not offend anyone on weekdays, and naturally it would be impossible to meet her. What a real danger.

Therefore, this matter has been turned over by Xiao Churan.

The next day, Xiao Churan’s master class at Rhode Island School of Design was officially started.

The news of the opening of the new master class has aroused great attention in the design circle, and the Rhode Island School of Design has also officially announced the list of master class students.

As the most concerned postgraduate training class in the industry, the list of master classes has always been the focus of industry insiders, because according to the usual practice, these people who are on the big list will become the rising talents in the design field in one month. Nova.

And Xiao Churan’s name has also aroused a lot of attention and discussion in the field of Chinese designers.

This is mainly because everyone in this master class, except Xiao Churan, has basically made some achievements in the field of design. If you search on the Internet, you can find some successful cases that they have completed independently.

Only Xiao Churan is basically an amateur with no reputation at all, so many Chinese designers want to know why this Xiao Churan was selected for this master class.

This also brought a lot of psychological pressure to Xiao Churan. She could also feel the gap between herself and others in the class, so from the first day, in the process of listening to the class, she was more than anyone else. Work harder and be more serious.

It was also the day when Xiao Churan’s master class started. In order to prepare as soon as possible, Fei Haoyang took the initiative to find Lu Sinian, the president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Lu Sinian, 48 years old this year, is the sixth generation of overseas Chinese in the United States.

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