The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4099

Fei Haoyang said something lightly, and it was like a thunderbolt when he heard it in Lu Sinian’s ears.

Looking at the whole of the United States, there is no Chinese chamber of commerce that can invite a family like the Fei family.

After all, for many associations, the assets of the Fei family may be greater than the assets of all the members of the entire association combined. In this case, the Fei family is naturally reluctant to play with them.

The gap between them is like a billionaire cannot join a millionaire club with per capita assets of only one or two million.

However, Fei Haoyang came to the door and said that he could join the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Lu Sinian was naturally very excited when he heard it.

So he quickly and respectfully asked: “Master Fei, I don’t know what kind of cooperation you want to do with us? Don’t worry, as long as you say a word, the entire New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce will do its best!”

Fei Haoyang nodded and said with a smile, “I want to do some charity work with you.”

“Charity?” Lu Sinian asked in surprise: “Master Fei, what kind of charity do you want to do? How do we need to cooperate?”

Fei Haoyang said with a serious face: “I want to set up a relief fund for Chinese orphans in North America, and put out a sum of money to specifically support our Chinese orphans in North America, provide them with better assistance, and ensure their lives and education.”

“Oh!” Lu Sinian exclaimed, “Young Master Fei, you are a great deed! Although there are not many Chinese orphans in North America, once they become orphans, the situation is even more difficult than that of domestic orphans. Quite a few, if a charitable fund is established specifically for them, it will be of great significance to them!”

With that said, Lu Sinian hurriedly asked, “Master Fei, how do we need to cooperate with this matter?”

Fei Haoyang said very seriously: “My idea is that I will pay to organize a charity dinner and invite some Chinese entrepreneurs from New York. When the time comes, everyone will donate some money together. Even if our charity fund is officially established, After all, it is the Chinese orphans who want to help. Laomei can’t even manage their own orphans. How can they be sincere to our Chinese orphans? In this kind of thing, the Chinese have to help the Chinese! That’s why I think of your Chinese Chamber of Commerce. .”

After speaking, Fei Haoyang said again: “Of course, this charity fund is up to me to make the most of it. I plan to use 20 million US dollars as start-up capital first, and then I will see if our compatriots in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce can make it. Do your bit too.”

Lu Sinian said without hesitation: “Master Fei, don’t worry, our Chinese Chamber of Commerce is naturally bound to do this kind of thing. Later, I will mobilize the members of the association to ask everyone to donate as much money as possible!”

Fei Haoyang hurriedly said: “You don’t have to donate too much. This time I plan to adopt the fundraising system. From the day this charitable fund is established, I will personally undertake half of all the funds, and the remaining half will be crowdfunded by the whole society, that is to say , I personally pledged to donate 20 million US dollars, and the community can officially start by raising another 20 million US dollars.”

Lu Sinian nodded: “No problem, we have more than 200 members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and crowdfunding 20 million is still very easy!”

After that, Lu Sinian couldn’t wait to ask: “Master Fei, when are you going to hold this charity dinner?”

Fei Haoyang said: “My current plan is for the evening of the 11th, and the venue is chosen in the banquet hall of the Palace Hotel in New York, but this charity dinner, President Lu has to work hard to arrange some people to help with the preparation, so it is considered as a joint venture between us. ”

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