The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4114

Hattori and other eight people followed the depressed young man into the banquet hall.
In the banquet building at this time, not even the shadow of a staff member could be seen, and no one could be seen maintaining it.
The young man led them through the huge banquet hall, then passed several empty boxes with open doors, and finally stopped at the door of a box with a closed door.
Immediately, the young man knocked on the door and said, “Mr. Yun, Mr. Hattori and the others have arrived.”
In the box, Qiao Feiyun said loudly, “Please come in!”
The young man immediately opened the door and said to Kazuo Hattori, “Mr. Hattori, please.”
Hattori Kazuo also saw Qiao Feiyun in the room at this time.
Before today, he did not know Qiao Feiyun, nor had he seen any reports about him in any media, so he was very curious about this Qiao Feiyun.
However, he did not look at Qiao Feiyun too much, but said very respectfully: “Hello Mr. Yun, I am Hattori Kazuo, Iga Ninja, the son of Hattori Hanzo!”
Qiao Feiyun nodded with a smile, and said, “Mr. Hattori, I have long admired your Iga ninja name, and I finally got to see you today!”
Hattori Kazuo bowed and said, “Mr. Yun, you have won the prize!”
Qiao Feiyun smiled slightly, looked at Kazuo Hattori, and said seriously: “Mr. Hattori, I won’t be polite to you anymore. Let’s get straight to the point and say, I invited you to New York to let you kidnap someone for me.”
Hattori Kazuo immediately said loudly: “Please don’t worry, Mr. Yun, there is an old saying in China, taking people’s money and eliminating disasters for others, we Iga ninjas have always done this.”

Having said that, Kazuo Hattori said again: “However, I still need some more detailed clues from you, Mr. Yun, such as who and where the person I kidnapped is, so that I can carry out further investigation and formulate an action plan!”
“Don’t be so troublesome!” Qiao Feiyun shook his head with a smile, waved his hand and said, “There will be a charity dinner here on the night of the 11th in three days. At that time, the target person you want to kidnap will be arranged in this lounge, room There should be at least four bodyguards guarding the door, and as for the room, there should only be the target person and her entourage;”

“And what you have to do is to kill all the bodyguards outside silently first, and then kill everyone in this room except the target person. After that, you move the body of the bodyguard into the room. , and then take the target person quietly away from here;”
Speaking of this, Qiao Feiyun instructed: “By the way, the target person you can knock her out, but you must leave me alive and don’t let her get hurt.”
A man Hattori looked around for a week and said, “Mr. Yun, there are no windows in this room. If you do something here, you have to take people away. Then we may only have the ventilation duct plan. Can you show me first? Design blueprint?”
Qiao Feiyun shook his head and said, “You don’t have to take the trouble of using the ventilation ducts. I will give you the details of a man. The man’s name is Chen Fu, and he is the supervisor here. You can find an opportunity to kidnap all his family members and force him to kidnap you. Just bring it into the banquet hall.”
Having said that, Qiao Feiyun made appropriate cuts of his general plan and told Kazuo Hattori.
After hearing this, Kazuo Hattori was a little stunned, but he nodded slightly and said, “I understand the process, first kidnap Chen Fu’s family, and let Chen Fu arrange for us to serve as waiters in the banquet hall on the 11th. Then take the opportunity to take the target person away from here, and after handing them over to you at the dock, we will leave New York by boat.”
Qiao Feiyun nodded with satisfaction: “That’s right, that’s it.”
After speaking, Qiao Feiyun said again: “First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the environment here, see how to kill people, how to transport people out, and ensure that they are silent. If you need anything, just speak up!”

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