The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4173

In Fei Shanhai’s view, it doesn’t matter if you are misunderstood, as long as the misunderstanding can be completely resolved as soon as possible, you will often get better results.

If you don’t believe me, look at the love movies from all over the world. Once the male and female protagonists come up with a prejudice against each other, after breaking the prejudice, they can often fall in love.

Human nature is like that.

Therefore, Fei Shanhai felt that this was a good opportunity for crisis public relations.

As long as we seize this opportunity and set up Fei Xuebin as a great father, it will not only make Fei Xuebin turn the tide against the wind, but also bring a better mass base to the Fei family.

At this time, his younger brother Fei Shanchuan said, “Brother, it’s a bit deliberate to let the reporter come to the house directly. Even if the kidnappers are not provoked, the people will think that we deliberately sold out.”

Fei Shanhai asked back, “Then what do you think it should be?”

Fei Shanchuan hurriedly offered advice: “Brother, in my opinion, let’s do the same as that video, first release the message that Haoyang was kidnapped and Xuebin was saving people through the hands of a third party, and then secretly fuel the flames and let this message ferment. At that time, the media will definitely take the initiative to find us, so that we can accept the interview along the way and make the truth of this matter public.”

Fei Shanhai nodded again and again: “Good idea! This way, it looks more natural!”

When Fei Xuebin heard this, he quickly said: “Dad! There were a lot of people watching the scene, and some of them took out their mobile phones and took a video. They must have taken a video of the whole process, especially when I took it from the box. The process of pouring out Haoyang’s ears, if the video is put on the Internet, this matter will be done!”

Fei Shanhai immediately said, “Go ahead and offer a reward of $100,000 to find the video shooter, and then post these videos online!”

“Okay!” Fei Xuebin said hurriedly, “I’ll make arrangements now!”

After that, he remembered something, and asked quickly: “Dad, I have already controlled that girl, do you want to have a first trial?”

“Let it go, it doesn’t make any sense.” Fei Shanhai waved his hand: “The woman is obviously a chess piece, and it’s impossible to ask anything if she is beaten to death.”

Fei Xuebin nodded: “Okay Dad, I’ll give an order now.”

Just as Fei Xuebin was about to follow Fei Shanhai’s words to find the passerby who filmed the video, his mobile phone suddenly received a text message from an unfamiliar number.

The content of the text message is: “If you want your son to survive, prepare 200 billion US dollars in encrypted digital currency in the next 48 hours, otherwise, wait for your son to collect the body!”

Fei Xuebin groaned in his heart and blurted out, “Dad…these people said…it would take 200 billion US dollars to let them go…”

“How much?!” Fei Shanhai frowned and asked in a cold voice, “Twenty hundred billion?! Are these people crazy?! What the hell kidnapper, dare to ask for $200 billion?!”

Fei Xuebin was also horrified. What is the concept of $200 billion? According to the current stock price, two Jingdong Groups can be bought!

Fei Shanchuan on the side was also stupid, and couldn’t help muttering: “This is not a bit sincere… As long as he wants a little bit less, and asks for a billion or two billion dollars, it can be considered that they have a little bit of money. The brain is 200 billion at the first opening, and I don’t know how to pay back the fucking price…”

Fei Shanhai said coldly: “Tell them, as long as they let Haoyang go, I am willing to pay them two billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency!”

Fei Xuebin immediately called the other party back, but without exception, the phone number was also switched off.

Fei Shanhai said in a cold voice, “These bastards don’t even give a chance to bargain! Do you really think that the people who kidnapped the Fei family will be able to extort $200 billion?!”

Fei Xuebin asked him: “Dad…what should I do now…the other party only gave us 48 hours…”

Fei Shanhai said with a dignified expression: “Keep your composure! Since the other party has given him 48 hours, we don’t need to care about him for now. During these 48 hours, what we need to do is to reverse the public opinion and try our best to do everything possible. Find these Japanese ninjas! If you can’t do it, send someone to Japan to arrest all their relatives. If they dare to kill Haoyang, I will kill their whole family!”


Soon, the Fei family started their own crisis PR.

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