The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4178

Unlike the previous Fei Xuebin kissing prostitutes on the street, these videos captured the follow-up of Fei Xuebin kissing prostitutes.

When people saw that Fei Xuebin took two human ears from a prostitute, everyone thought they were blindfolded.

And when people saw Fei Xuebin holding two human ears, weeping and calling out his son Fei Haoyang’s name, everyone was stunned and stunned!

At this moment, many navy soldiers in the comments began to guide public opinion.

As insiders, they told all netizens that Fei Xuebin was not really looking for flowers and willows on the street. The real reason was because his beloved son Fei Haoyang was kidnapped!

The gangster brutally cut off both of his son’s ears and gave them to the prostitute.

And Fei Xuebin kissing the prostitute was just a prank by the gangsters.

As for Fei Xuebin, a person not only has to endure the pain of his son being kidnapped and hurt, but also the crazy cyber violence of netizens who don’t know the truth.

At this moment, people realized that they had completely misunderstood Fei Xuebin before!

Before, the video of Fei Xuebin kissing prostitutes on the street made countless people feel extremely disgusting to his senses, and the Internet was all accusing and slandering him.

But now, everyone realizes that Fei Xuebin is a great father worthy of everyone’s respect and admiration.

Everyone who scolded him felt extremely self-blame and guilt for his previous remarks.

In an instant, countless people began to support Fei Xuebin, and even many people apologized for their previous wrong remarks in the comment area, and their tone and attitude were extremely sincere!

The previous public opinion crisis of the Fei family was instantly resolved, not only eliminating all negative influences, but even allowing the Fei family to gain a lot of popularity.

Seeing the overwhelming apology, sympathy and praise on the Internet, Fei Xuebin’s mood instantly improved a lot, and he couldn’t help but said to Fei Shanhai with excitement: “Dad, your method is really wonderful, this is simply turning the tide. , counterattack from nowhere…”

Seeing that the situation was completely under his control, Fei Shanhai finally breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time he couldn’t help but feel a little complacent.

He stroked his beard and said, “Now we have two most important things at hand, one is to find out the true identities of those Japanese ninjas as soon as possible, and the other is to strike while the iron is hot and maximize the role of the media, If you need to be interviewed, you should be interviewed, and if you really can’t, then hold a press conference.”

The second brother Fei Shanchuan hurriedly said: “Brother, the people who are going to be sent to Japan are ready. They will rush to the airport immediately, and they will arrive in Japan in thirteen hours.”

Fei Shanhai frowned and smacked his lips: “Tsk…the speed is still too slow…”

“There’s no way.” Fei Shanchuan said helplessly: “Some families imported retired Concorde airliners from Europe before. We started late and couldn’t grab them. At present, there are no supersonic airliners on the market to choose from.”

Fei Shanhai said: “Inquire about which families were bought by them at that time, and find a way to buy one back regardless of the cost, and it will definitely be used in the future.”

“Okay!” Fei Shanchuan nodded and said, “I will ask people to investigate the Concorde airliners registered around the world today, and try to buy one back.”

At this time, the butler of the Fei family came in and said to Fei Shanhai, “Master, I’m calling with the president of the New York Times, and I want to do an interview with the eldest young master. I don’t know if it’s convenient, what do you think?”

“Good thing!” Fei Shanhai said without hesitation: “Let them come over, it just so happens that Xuebin can also pass a message to the kidnappers in front of the media, saying that the Fei family is ready to redeem the people with two billion dollars at any time, as long as they think about it. I will contact you.”

Fei Xuebin nodded quickly and said, “Okay Dad, I know!”

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