The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4181

Hearing An Chongqiu’s judgment, Li Yalin said with a wry smile: “I think as you think, in New York, there are only a few people who can move the Fei family, including Rothschild and your Anjia family, at most four or five families have this strength. , but this time, the way these guys play is not like either of yours.”

“Indeed.” An Chongqiu said in agreement: “This kind of gameplay is not something that a few big families can do. It is very wild and wild at first glance.”

“Do you think so too?” Li Yalin sighed: “I once thought that it might be a new gang. Generally, new gangs have to do some earth-shattering things if they want to succeed, but when I think about it carefully, it doesn’t seem quite right. , If any gang plays like this, it will basically be a dead end, and there is no gang that can compete with the strength of the Fei family.”

An Chongqiu said in agreement: “And I can be sure that these people are not for money, if it is for money, they will not offer such exaggerated conditions as a ransom of 200 billion US dollars, which is basically equivalent to kidnapping a few passers-by in New York. , and then going to the U.S. government and asking for an entire fleet of aircraft carriers is just as unrealistic.”

Li Yalin nodded: “It’s not for money, it’s even weirder.”

As he said that, he asked An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, have you watched those few videos that are hot on the Internet?”

An Chongqiu nodded: “Look.”

Li Yalin frowned and said, “I don’t know why, but I always feel that there is a bit of evil in it! It’s very evil! The two videos are one after the other. On the surface, they first suppressed the Fei family from public opinion, but in the end they were feigned. The family seized the opportunity to regain a city and let the Fei family play a perfect first-in-the-back move… But in fact, it gave me the feeling that all this was deliberately manipulated, just to keep the Fei family. Such a great opportunity…”

An Chongqiu said: “I called you just to remind you of this, and I also think this is very strange! From the video, it seems that the other party is just playing vulgarly and intimidating Fei Xuebin. It’s rough, but everything that happened later gave me a feeling that this thing is not as rough as it looks on the surface! Not only is it not rough, but it is accurate to the extreme! It is so accurate that he can predict the fee in advance Every step of the family’s actions, deliberately using this method to lure the Fei family to the public.”

Li Yalin slapped his thigh and blurted out: “Yes! That’s it! They are fishing! They want to catch the entire Fei family from the deep sea, and let them take the initiative to expose themselves to the world’s attention…”

After speaking, he quickly asked: “Chongqiu, what do you think he wants to do?!”

An Chongqiu pouted and said, “If they didn’t cut off Fei Haoyang’s ears, I might think that all this was a good play directed and acted by the Fei family, so that the Fei family’s prestige would increase rapidly, and at the same time, it would be better for the Fei family. It can make Fei Haoyang famous and lay an extraordinary foundation for Fei Haoyang. Think about it, when everyone in the world is looking forward to Fei Haoyang’s safe return, they will come out again and successfully rescue him. The drama made Fei Haoyang come out with a lot of calls, and then the whole world will celebrate and cheer, and the ending will be perfect, and Fei Haoyang will have a bright future in the future.”

Li Yalin said, “However, they did cut off Fei Haoyang’s ears! I had people use AI repair technology to maximize the quality of those videos, magnify the image of the pair of ears in the video, and match the Fei Haoyang’s previous physical features were compared, it is indeed his ears, there is no mistake!”

“Yes.” An Chongqiu said solemnly: “It is this point that makes me deny this assumption. The Fei family is definitely not the manipulator behind the scenes. The real manipulator is premeditated to draw the Fei family into the spotlight little by little. .”

Li Yalin asked: “Let the snake out of the hole, and in front of the whole world, what is this for?”

An Chongqiu said slowly: “Since the assumption just now doesn’t hold…then there is only another possibility for the other party’s motive.”

Li Yalin said, “You mean that the goal of this group is not Fei Haoyang, but the entire Fei family?!”

“That’s right!” An Chongqiu said excitedly, “We can really think of going together!”

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