The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4200

Fei Shanhai said coldly: “I must control the head of the Iga ninja and other key people! Cut off all their ears for me first!”

The person in charge said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, Patriarch, we will definitely complete the task!”

However, the person in charge never dreamed that Wan Pojun had already anonymously disclosed a message to the Japanese Homeland Security Department a few hours ago. Sneak into Iga City at night to make terrorist attacks.

Originally, according to the work flow of the Japanese security department, they had to systematically analyze the reliability of the information to confirm that the credibility of the information was high enough before deploying in advance based on the intelligence.

However, the mysterious person who revealed this information to them only said a word, and the entire security department was on guard.

This mysterious man told the security department that the last time they were able to stop the plane of Su Ruoli and other masters of the Su family at Osaka Airport was the information he provided.

In order to convince the Japanese security department, the mysterious man also stated some details of the information provided that day. When the Japanese security department found that the situation was indeed very consistent, they immediately determined that the mysterious man this time was the same as the last time he helped them catch The mysterious person of the master of the Su family is indeed the same!

This also means that the source of this person’s intelligence is highly credible!

This has aroused the attention of the entire security department.

The Japanese homeland security department has been criticized by the domestic people after the last Tokyo chaos and Su Ruoli’s tragic killing of the Matsumoto family.

And after Su Ruoli successfully escaped from prison, the entire department lost all face.

The original person in charge has long since resigned, and the new person in charge has made up his mind since the first day he took office, and will not let the Tokyo Chaos fight repeat itself during his tenure.

Therefore, since then, he has formulated a series of strict anti-terrorist plans, and even asked anti-terrorist troops across the country to be on call 24 hours a day to ensure that no matter where a similar incident occurs anywhere in Japan, the nearest anti-terrorist troops will be in place within two hours. Other counter-terrorism units were in place within four hours.

This time, after receiving a tip, the security department immediately secretly transferred two anti-terrorist units from Osaka and Nagoya to Iga, and sent more than 200 soldiers and more than ten special helicopters to the two places.

Before the Fei family’s masters landed, Japan’s anti-terrorist troops had already set a net in Iga.

Ye Chen also thought about it before, it is better to directly disclose the flight information to the Japanese homeland security department as he did with the Su family last time.

In this way, the masters of the Fei family have no chance to get off the plane, and they will be held down by the Japanese security department.

But he thought about it, this time is completely different from the last time.

The last time the masters of the Su family were captured by the Japanese security department after committing a crime in Japan;

But this time, the masters of the Fei family did nothing. If they were directly held down by the Homeland Security Department, they would at most investigate. After confirming that there was no problem, the Japanese security department had only two choices. They enter, or they are deported.

As a result, things get bland.

Therefore, Ye Chen decided to let the Japanese security department come to Iga in advance by providing tips.

At that time, once the masters of the Fei family meet with the Japanese homeland security department in Iga, there may be some unusual sparks!

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