The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4201

Most of the masters sent by the Fei family were martial arts masters from all over the world.

In addition to the masters of Chinese martial arts, there are also many masters who have studied martial arts from other countries.

In the field of international martial arts, South Korea’s taekwondo, Japan’s karate, ninjutsu, Thai boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Western boxing and actual combat in Europe and the United States all have a place, and they are all very popular martial arts directions.

However, most of the martial arts of other countries do not have a complete inner strength mental method, and most of them just found a little inner strength by mistake.

And many Chinese martial arts sects have gradually lost their internal skills, so their actual combat ability is not able to open a big gap with other martial arts.

At this stage, there are also many martial arts masters from other countries who can raise their own strength to the same level as five-star or even six-star martial artists in Chinese martial arts.

It is even said that among the martial arts of other countries, there are also top masters at the master level, and the real combat power may not be worse than Wan Pojun!

In order to improve their own strength, the Fei family almost accepted all martial arts masters from all walks of life. Among the people sent today, there are nearly ten people who can reach the strength of four-star warriors, and the rest are also two-star. Compared with the rank of the Samsung Warrior, the overall combat effectiveness is still very strong.

After completing the customs procedures, the group did not dare to delay in the slightest, and immediately went to Iga by car.

According to their original plan, after arriving in Iga, they immediately launched an attack on the Iga ninjas, and directly came to capture the thief first. In any case, they had to control Hanzo Hattori as a way to negotiate with a man from Hattori and exchange for Fei Hao. Ocean chips.

In fact, the Fei family had already arranged an evacuation plan in advance. After catching someone, they would immediately take them to the nearest port, and then smuggle out of Japan by boat to avoid the Japanese government’s investigation.

In the field of martial arts all over the world, the strength of ninjas is not strong.

Only when the ninjas are in the dark can their advantages come into play. Once the ninjas are exposed in the light, their combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the masters of the Fei family are very sure of this action.

However, when they arrived in Iga City, they didn’t know that the Iga Ninja’s station was already empty.

And waiting for them here are hundreds of anti-terrorist troops who are armed with live ammunition and eager to make contributions.

The last time Su Ruoli escaped from prison and disappeared at sea has always been a great shame for the Japanese homeland security department.

If Su Ruoli’s whereabouts are still unknown, the Japanese can barely use the reason that Su Ruoli is likely to be dead to comfort itself.

It’s a pity that after the battle of Yeling Mountain, Su Ruoli suddenly announced in a high-profile manner that he would join the Wanlong Palace, which made the Japanese side lose face.

Although with the strength of Wanlongdian, it is impossible to fight against the whole of Japan, but the mercenary organization of Wanlongdian is not afraid of heaven and earth, and its penetration ability and destructive ability are very strong. Japan also uses such a huge mercenary organization. There is nothing I can do, I just hope that these mercenaries will never come to Japan to cause trouble.

Therefore, in this case, they did not dare to ask Wanlong Palace for someone.

In fact, they are also very clear in their hearts that Wanlong Palace is so well-informed that it is impossible not to know about Su Ruoli’s grievances and entanglements with the Japanese side, but even in this case, Wanlong Palace also announced Su Ruoli’s participation to the outside world. , that is to make it clear that Su Ruoli is to be covered.

If the Japanese side really asks Wanlong Palace to ask for someone, they will definitely form a relationship with Wanlong Palace.

Therefore, the Japanese side simply pretended to be deaf and dumb, and did not express any views on Su Ruoli’s joining the Wanlong Palace.

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