The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4202

However, in this way, Japan’s homeland security department has also been condemned wildly by the domestic people.

The security department, suffocating, has always wanted to find an opportunity to turn around, but now Japan is peaceful inside and out, and there is no stage for them to play.

In China, the Ito family has become the No. 1 family in the country with an absolute advantage, and several major ninja forces are also attached to the Ito family. As a result, the infighting between the big family and the ninja forces has completely stopped;

In foreign countries, since Su Ruoli fled, no foreign forces have focused on Japan, and all of a sudden the entire security department has been put on the pillar of shame.

So, this time the mysterious tip has become the key to turning over the entire security department!


Iga City itself is a very small city. Even though it has a city in its name, it is actually formed by the merger of several villages. In terms of population and area, it is not as good as a township in China.

In such a small city with a population of 10,000, the vast majority of the population are still Japanese farmers who work hard in the surrounding countryside. There are only two or three thousand people who actually live in the city.

Among the two or three thousand people, the Iga family’s own people accounted for a few hundred.

The rest, in addition to the civil servants, more than half of the other ordinary citizens served the Iga family.

Therefore, in the center of this small town, most of the mansions are the assets of Iga ninjas, and the Iga family is the master of this city.

Now, after the Iga family, who was the master, left, many people who served the Iga family in this small town have also been notified to temporarily take a vacation at home.

The small town suddenly became lifeless.

Moreover, since this place is so small and its only selling point is Iga ninjas, the tourism industry in this place has little room for development both vertically and horizontally, so that there are very few tourists here.

In addition, it was already night, and there were very few people on the street, not even the shadow of a tourist.

For such a small town, hundreds of people pouring in in one go is a bit abrupt in itself.

When the members of the Fei family arrived in Iga in dozens of vehicles, the Japanese anti-terrorist troops who had been ambushed in Iga City had already discovered their existence.

As a result, the anti-terrorist troops began to gear up, waiting for a suitable opportunity to wipe out this group of people.

The masters sent by the Fei family also discovered some anomalies at this time.

They originally thought that no matter how small Iga City was, it wouldn’t be too conspicuous for hundreds of people to come in.

But looking at it now, the situation is very different from what they expected.

The number of vehicles passing by on the street was already pitiful. These dozens of vehicles drove into Iga from various intersections one after another, and the streets were almost full of their cars.

A vice-captain felt something was not right, and said to the captain in the other car on his mobile phone: “Boss, why do I feel that this broken place is not right? There is lifelessness everywhere…”

“Yes…I didn’t even think that this city would be so deserted…” The captain was also a little confused, so he simply ignored him and said, “Iga Ninja’s mansion is in the city. In the center of Iga County, most of the members of the Iga family live there, including the leader of their generation, Hattori Hanzo. We must act as soon as possible to catch people as quickly as possible. There are also small cities in small cities. The good thing is that there are no more than 50 police officers here, and there are probably no more than 20 armed police officers. Basically, there is no need to worry. Moreover, the traffic conditions here are very good, and it is easier to retreat. In short Good news for us!”

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