The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4216

“Song Peng?”

Fei Shanhai asked in surprise, “Who is Song Peng?”

The housekeeper hurriedly explained: “Song Peng is a director of our business team. You said yesterday that you want to purchase a Concorde airliner, and he is one of the people responsible for the connection.”

Fei Shanhai frowned and asked, “What clues does he have to report to me? If the Concorde airliner is secured, he will directly let the person in charge of procurement negotiate the price, and he does not need to report to me in person.”

The housekeeper shook his head and said, “Master, Song Peng said it was a clue related to Young Master Haoyang!”

“Oh?!” When Fei Shanhai heard this, he raised his eyebrows and blurted out, “Where is he? Let him come over!”

The housekeeper hurriedly said: “It’s at the door, I’ll bring him in!”

After a while, Song Peng, who was in charge of business, trotted into the study.

As soon as he saw Fei Shanhai and Fei Xuebin, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Master, eldest young master, my name is Song Peng, from the business team…”

Fei Shanhai interrupted him directly and asked in a cold voice, “I heard that you have clues about Haoyang, hurry up and say it!”

Song Peng said quickly: “Master, there is a servant next to the young master, I think she seems a little suspicious!”

Fei Shanhai frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

Song Peng explained: “That’s right, last night you told us to find a Concorde airliner, and I quickly communicated with a family in France. I happened to meet Wang Yuanyuan, and then I made an appointment with her to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. At that time, she specifically asked me what I was doing on the phone so late, I said I was helping you buy a Concorde, and then she asked me what a Concorde was…”

Speaking of this, Song Peng hurriedly slapped himself and said nervously: “Master, it’s all my fault for not having a door on my lips! I thought at the time that she was also a servant of the Fei family, so her sense of secrecy suddenly increased. I just said that you sent someone to Japan, but the normal flight time is too long, so you have to buy a Concorde airliner… But don’t worry, I definitely didn’t say who you sent to Japan. , not to mention what you are sending people to Japan for…”

Fei Shanhai roared impatiently, “Talk about the point!”

Song Peng shuddered with fright and said quickly, “The point…the point…the point is that Wang Yuanyuan, she has no way of knowing what you sent people to Japan for, but she asked me at the time. If you sent someone to Japan to find ninjas, I felt something was wrong at the time, but I couldn’t tell what was wrong, until I heard that the person you sent to Japan had an accident, and I saw the release of the Japanese Iga ninja. ‘s video, I suddenly remembered what was wrong!”

Having said that, Song Peng continued very confidently: “Master, she Wang Yuanyuan is a servant, and she was still coming in from outside, so how could she know about ninjas? Therefore, I concluded that she must have deliberately tried me out From me! There must be something wrong with this woman! Maybe she has something to do with the kidnapping case of Master Haoyang!”

Hearing this, Fei Shanhai immediately burst into blue veins, and blurted out, “Guarding against day and night, it is hard to guard against thieves!”

After that, he stared at the housekeeper and roared, “Go and bring that Wang Yuanyuan to see me!”


At this time, Wang Yuanyuan was serving by Fei Haoyang’s mother.

However, today, she has been a little absent-minded.

The reason for her absent-mindedness is because her sweetheart, the famous Master Qiao Feiyunqiao in Seattle, has disappeared from the world since she sent him information last night.

She went to the villa where Qiao Feiyun lived, and Qiao Feiyun was nowhere to be seen. Then she kept calling and texting Qiao Feiyun, but the phone kept reminding him that the other party was turned off, and the text messages were all sinking into the sea.

The sudden disappearance of her sweetheart made Wang Yuanyuan’s heart suddenly disappear.

She even had an illusion for a while, thinking that everything that happened between herself and Qiao Feiyun was just a beautiful dream.

However, the Richard Mille watch worth tens of millions in her pocket is so real. The second hand of the watch has been beating non-stop, as if to remind her that everything before was not a dream. .

But as a result, she had new worries in her heart, she was afraid that Qiao Feiyun had abandoned herself in disguise.

Although the piece of Richard Mille that Qiao Feiyun gave her was also worth a lot of money, but compared to the life of a wealthy young grandmother in the future, she did not pay attention to a mere watch.

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