The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4221

Fei Xuebin hurriedly asked: “Dad, what are you saying is no wonder?”

Fei Shanhai said: “No wonder Haoyang has to spend so much effort to please her, and even held a charity dinner for her…”

Speaking of this, what Li Yalin said just now suddenly appeared in his mind.

Immediately, he exclaimed: “Damn it! Haoyang, this son of a bitch, must he be thinking something about this Gu Qiuyi?!”

Fei Xuebin smiled awkwardly and said, “Dad… a slender lady, a gentleman is so arrogant. Haoyang doesn’t have any problem with her brainstorming, right?”

Fei Shanhai said coldly: “What I said about crooked brains and what you said about crooked brains are not the same thing at all! Wanting to please her and having sex with her all night is crooked, and trying to force her to sleep is also crooked, and trying to force her to sleep is also crooked. Putting her to sleep and then destroying her corpse would be a fool’s errand!”

Fei Xuebin’s face turned cold for a moment, and he blurted out: “Dad…Actually, I also thought that Haoyang’s behavior was abnormal at the time, but there has been no substantial evidence, you said… Haoyang, he… he shouldn’t be that stupid, right?”

“I don’t know either…” Fei Shanhai said very seriously: “But I think, based on various clues, this kind of thing is most likely!”

After that, he remembered something and immediately said: “By the way, you immediately ask me to check the capital flow of Qiao Feiyun and all the companies related to him, and also check the funds of the Japanese Iga Ninja. Who pays the commission for Iga ninjas! If I guess correctly, these ninjas are most likely hired by Qiao Feiyun!”

Fei Xuebin said: “If it was hired by Qiao Feiyun, then the question would go back around again. Could it be Qiao Feiyun’s hand on Haoyang?”

“No!” Fei Shanhai shook his head and said, “I suspect now that Qiao Feiyun hired those ninjas to work for Haoyang…”

Fei Xuebin shuddered and blurted out, “Dad…you mean…Haoyang’s brains are trying to use these ninjas to kidnap Gu Qiuyi?!”

Fei Shanhai said: “If I can find that there is indeed a financial relationship between Qiao Feiyun and Iga Ninja, then it will basically confirm my guess.”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly said, “I’ll go and order someone to investigate!”

With the ability of the Fei family, it is still easy to check the bank’s funds.

Therefore, Fei Xuebin soon received a message that Iga Ninja had indeed received 40 million US dollars. The payer of this money was an American technology company. I had someone in-depth check the equity behind this company structure, and found that this is a company controlled by funds under the Qiao Group…”

“Fuck!” Fei Shanhai murmured: “Haoyang, this bastard, is so daring! As the eldest young master of the Fei family, he dares to play with fire like this, which is outrageous!”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly said: “Dad, this may not necessarily prove that it is Haoyang’s problem! If it is true as you said, these ninjas were invited by Qiao Feiyun, then why did they kidnap Haoyang? It’s not logical!”

Fei Shanhai said: “The answer to this question is likely to be on Gu Qiuyi! Maybe it was Gu Qiuyi who temporarily turned those ninjas into rebellion at a critical moment. After all, Qiao Feiyun only gave them 40 million dollars. You didn’t mean that Gu Qiuyi. Is the background strong too? What if she bought the ninjas on the spot by promising $400 million?”

“This…” Fei Xuebin was also dumbfounded. After thinking about it for a long time, he frowned and said, “It’s not that there is such a possibility…”

Fei Shanhai immediately said, “You think of a way to make an appointment with this Gu Qiuyi, and invite her to come over to the house! I will have a good time with this girl to see if she has any problems!”

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