The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4231

Speaking of this, she couldn’t help but ask nervously: “Mr. Ye should not regret it? No… Mr. Ye is definitely not such a person, so where does he want us to go?”

Su Ruoli said with a smile: “Mr. Ye said, I can’t say where I’m going, even I don’t know now, I only know that we only have half an hour to prepare, and the helicopter will take us away when it arrives. Here, um, to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.”

“Sri Lanka…” Fei Kexin muttered, turned to look at the land far away on the right, and blurted out: “No wonder the freighter has been moving very slowly recently, it turned out to be my plan to let us disembark here… ..”

Saying that, she looked at Su Ruoli and asked, “Ruoli, are you going to Colombo with us too?”

“Yes.” Su Ruoli smiled and said, “According to Mr. Ye’s request, I will escort you to your destination.”

Fei Kexin nodded lightly and asked again, “Then does my grandfather know?”

Su Ruoli said: “I will inform you as soon as I receive the order. Mr. Fei and Mr. Yuan, you should tell them.”

“Okay.” Fei Kexin couldn’t hide the melancholy in his heart and said: “I’ll go tell Grandpa and Master Yuan, and let them take the time to pack their belongings.”

“Okay.” Su Ruoli said, “I’ll also go and clean up. Let’s see you on deck in twenty-five minutes.”

Fei Kexin trotted all the way back to the cabin of the freighter. Fei Jianzhong was doing nothing at the moment, trying to carve a fist-sized piece of scrap wood with a knife.

This piece of wood was one of several pieces of wood he accidentally picked up on the freighter. Because it was really boring, he picked it up and carved something to pass the boring time.

At this moment, Yuan Zixu, his personal bodyguard, was using the fine sandpaper he found to help him polish one of the formed wood carvings, and while polishing, he praised: “Elder Fei, I didn’t think you had this skill, this Tara. Like what you sculpted, it is already lifelike!”

Fei Jianzhong said with a smile: “My biggest wish when I was a child was to be a sculptor, and I also seriously learned the craft from the old master for a period of time.”

After speaking, he glanced at the statue of Tara carved in Yuan Zixu’s hand, and said seriously: “Master Yuan, this Tara will be given to you. If I leave in the future, you can also leave a memory!”

Yuan Zixu said gratefully: “Thank you Fei Lao, I really like this Tara image, and I will store it well to live up to your good intentions!”

Fei Jianzhong nodded and said with a smile: “If there is a chance in the future, I can find a good piece of agarwood, and I will carve one for you!”

Yuan Zixu said flattered: “No need for Fei Lao, Yuan Mou is very grateful for this…”

Fei Jianzhong smiled slightly and said, “When I say gratitude, I should also be grateful to you. You have been by my side for so many years, and you have worked hard and made great achievements. Now, because of me, I am implicated in this way. To be honest, I really feel It’s a shame…”

Yuan Zixu hurriedly said, “Old Fei, you are welcome, this is all my responsibility!”

Fei Jianzhong nodded and was about to speak when the door was suddenly pushed open by Fei Kexin.

Fei Kexin entered the door and saw that Grandpa and Yuan Zixu were there, so he hurriedly said: “Grandpa, Master Yuan, Mr. Ye has an order, let us hurry up and pack our personal belongings, and there will be a plane to pick us up in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka in half an hour!”

Fei Jianzhong asked in amazement: “Aren’t you going to Syria? Why did it change to Colombo?”

“I don’t know either.” Fei Kexin said, “Mr. Ye’s order just now was conveyed by Miss Su, and Miss Su will also go with us.”

“Strange…” Fei Jianzhong frowned and smacked his lips and said, “I can understand if we go to Syria, after all, the Wanlong Palace has established a base there, and when we get there, our safety will definitely be guaranteed.. ….but why did we go to Colombo?”

Yuan Zixu was also confused, and said, “Sri Lanka is relatively chaotic, and the Wanlong Palace cannot have too many people there. There must be no security in Syria. Why did Mr. Ye suddenly change his plan?”

Fei Kexin said helplessly: “Let’s not discuss this for now. Since Mr. Ye asked us to go to Sri Lanka, we must not refuse. It is a blessing or a disaster, and it can’t be avoided. We can only choose to believe in Mr. Ye! And the helicopter It’s coming soon, we have to pack up quickly.”

Fei Jianzhong sighed and said with emotion: “Ke Xin is right! It’s a blessing, not a disaster, it’s a disaster! Since this life was saved by Mr. Ye, then everything should be arranged by Mr. Ye! Pack up and prepare Let’s go!”

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