The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4249

An Chongqiu said earnestly: “Old Li, be optimistic! Isn’t it just that you have suffered a little setback in your strongest field? Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter.”

After that, he pointed his hands to himself and blurted out: “Look at me, I have been treated as a guest of honor wherever I go for so many years, even if the 90-year-old man across from me will take the initiative to stand up and insist on taking the best The seat was given to me, but I went to an auction some time ago, and was chased out in front of so many people. At that time, I could not wait to dig a crack in the ground and get in, but you see, I don’t want to open it now. Well!”

“This person, no matter how good you are, it’s impossible for everyone to give you face; even if you are a detective, no matter how good your professional skills are, you can’t solve all cases;”

“You have to learn to accept failure, and try your best to maintain a normal mind. After this period of time, you can look at it again, but even if someone farts in front of you, no matter how stinky the fart is, it will be scattered sooner or later. .”

“But if you hold on to this matter, when you are in your 70s and 80s, you still think about that fart and feel that you didn’t find the fart back then and you feel uncomfortable and can’t get over this hurdle, then you will definitely not be happy for the rest of your life. Get up, do you think this is true?”

Li Yalin smiled helplessly: “When it comes to persuading people, you are really fucking good.”

After that, he picked up the wine glass and said to An Chongqiu, “Come, come, drink, and finish this glass!”

An Chongqiu waved his hand: “Don’t drink so much, just have a little drink. You have to save some energy and wait for the big show. Once the big show is staged, your pressure will probably be much easier.”

Li Yalin looked stunned and asked him, “You mean the ‘public execution’ thing?”

Not long after Fei Haoyang was kidnapped, An Chongqiu and Li Yalin speculated on the motive behind the incident, believing that someone must be planning to publicly execute the Fei family.

And now, the kidnapping and abuse of Fei Haoyang has been fermenting on the Internet, attracting the attention of hundreds of millions of people, and the popularity of this incident has reached its peak.

Moreover, the 48-hour window given by the kidnappers is getting closer and closer. If the two of them guessed correctly, then the big reversal of this matter may come soon.

An Chongqiu laughed at this time: “If that Fei Haoyang is really doing a lot of evil and is exposed, then no one will blame you for not being able to save him, what do you think?”

Li Yalin shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Although I don’t want to admit it, what you said is really right…”

An Chongqiu nodded and smiled, and said: “So you can wait and watch with peace of mind, the good show will be staged soon.”

With that said, An Chongqiu said again: “Look at why I decided to go back early tomorrow morning, instead of leaving tonight, I just want to finish the show in New York before leaving.”

At this time, although Ye Chen upstairs was eating calmly, all the conversations between An Chongqiu and Li Yalin entered his ears at once.

When he heard this, he couldn’t help but be surprised. He never thought that Uncle and this Inspector Li had analyzed all their real motives, and even accurately predicted their next plan. Unexpected.

At this moment, An Chongqiu’s cell phone suddenly rang.

He saw the name on the phone and said with a smile, “Hey, yoyo.”

On the phone, a woman’s eager voice came, and she said with a crying voice: “Brother, come back quickly! Dad is dying!”

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