The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4292

Ye Chen’s words sounded like thunder in every Fei family, and they were deafening!

Everyone can see that Ye Chen’s face is full of chills, and he is not testing, let alone joking!

Fei Xuebin was pale and burst into tears at this time.

He knew very well that no matter what he said, he could not save his son’s life.

If he said something wrong now, then his fate after his son’s death would be very sad.

So he could only touch his head and lower his head, not daring to look at Ye Chen, let alone answer.

Ye Chen didn’t let him get away with it, but asked sharply, “Fei Xuebin! I’ll ask you again! I’ll kill your son, will you accept it?!”

Fei Xuebin was so frightened by Ye Chen’s words that his whole body instantly went limp. He was forced by Ye Chen’s aggressive posture and had no way to retreat, and his heart was still broken. Loudly shouted: “I serve! I serve!! I serve!!!”

When Fei Haoyang heard this, his eyes darkened and he almost fainted.

The strong desire to survive drove him, stared hard at his father, and shouted, “Dad! You have to save me, Dad! You can’t just watch him kill me, Dad!!”

Fei Xuebin turned his face to the side, gritted his teeth and said, “All of this…you brought it on yourself…I can’t save you…”

Fei Haoyang blurted out and shouted: “You can’t be so heartless, Dad! What I said is also the seed of the Fei family. If you saw me being killed with your own eyes, would you be able to live in peace in the rest of your life?!”

Ye Chen kicked his chest and said coldly, “No matter how much nonsense you talk about, I promise to make your life worse than death!”

Hearing this, Fei Haoyang didn’t dare to say a word even though his whole body was in severe pain. The inhuman torture for the past two days was more terrifying than hell for him, and he was already terrified.

At this time, Ye Chen asked Fei Xuebin again: “Fei Xuebin, I’ll ask you again, should your son Fei Haoyang die?!”

Fei Xuebin closed his eyes and shouted desperately, “Damn! Damn!!”

Ye Chen nodded, and again. Looking at Fei Haoyang’s grandfather Fei Shanhai, looking at him, he asked coldly, “Fei Shanhai! I will kill your grandson, do you agree?”

Fei Shanhai immediately bowed down, not daring to look up, and said in a high voice, “Mr. Ye, I’m here… convinced!”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Really?”

Fei Shanhai said repeatedly: “I’m really serving it! I’m really serving it!!”

Ye Chen said again: “You are the head of the Fei family, and you don’t even let off your own father when you are ruthless, so if you say you are convinced, I don’t believe it in my heart.”

Fei Shanhai hurriedly shook his head and said, “Mr. Ye, I swear to God, I am truly convinced, if I plan to seek revenge from you in the future, I will die without a place to be buried!”

Fei Shanhai was indeed dissatisfied, but he did not dare to seek revenge against Ye Chen.

His biggest wish now is to continue to be the head of the Fei family. As for Fei Haoyang’s bad life, he really doesn’t care at all.

Therefore, he felt that as long as he could keep his position as the head of the family, he would never have any revenge against Ye Cheng.

Of course, if he is no longer the head of the Fei family after tonight, he will not be able to find Ye Chen for revenge.

Ye Chen didn’t care about Fei Shanhai’s oath, and continued to ask, “Then you say, should your grandson Fei Haoyang die?”

“Damn!” Fei Shanhai blurted out without thinking.

Ye Chen sneered and said indifferently, “I won’t go into the details of whether what you said is true or not. After today, if you want to seek revenge on me, Ye Chen will accompany you at any time.”

Fei Shanhai said in a terrified manner: “Mr. Ye, I don’t dare! I don’t dare!”

Ye Chen ignored him, turned to look at Fei Jianzhong, and asked loudly, “Fei Jianzhong! I killed your great-grandson, do you accept it?!”

Fei Jianzhong said with sincerity and fear: “Mr. Ye…you act for the sky, and I am not only convinced, but also thank you for removing such scum for our Fei family!”

Ye Chen asked again, “Should Fei Haoyang die?”

Fei Jianzhong cupped his hands and said, “Mr. Hui Ye, these beasts are more than worth dying, they should be broken into thousands of pieces!”

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