The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4342

Fei Kexin solved all the troubles of the Fei family at once, but then, more new video evidence was immediately exposed on the Internet.

However, the protagonist of these evidences is no longer Fei Haoyang, but the wealthy New Yorkers who were found tragically dead in the Hudson River this morning, as well as the sons of nobles.

This time, it exploded all over the world.

The public’s attention immediately shifted from the Fei family to these big families.

And those big families don’t even care to grieve over the tragic death of their own family members, and they immediately have to worry about how to eliminate the anger of the public.

Although Fei Kexin has given them a sample, her solution is too expensive for others.

These big families who are addicted to money are not a last resort, and they are unwilling to provide billions of dollars in compensation for each victim’s family members. It is more difficult for them to pay so much compensation than their lives.

However, these are no longer issues that Fei Kexin needs to consider.

After the release meeting was over, she immediately called Ye Chen. After the call was connected, she asked reverently, “Mr. Ye, did you see the release meeting of the Fei Group just now?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “I saw it.”

Fei Kexin hurriedly asked: “Then do you think the solution I proposed is still satisfactory to you?”

Ye Chen said seriously: “I think you have handled it well enough. I believe that with your impeccable handling, the Fei family will soon be able to get out of Fei Haoyang’s haze.”

Hearing Ye Chen’s praise, Fei Kexin not only breathed a sigh of relief, but also felt a little more shy of a girl.

So she said to Ye Chen, “Thanks for Mr. Ye’s approval, I will complete the verification of the victim’s information and the payment of compensation in the fastest time.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen paused slightly, and then asked her again, “You have officially become the head of the Fei family, what are your plans next?”

Fei Kexin said: “I have only planned two things recently. The first thing is to solve the mess left by Fei Haoyang; .”

Ye Chen instructed: “Actually, your priority now is not to be familiar with the business, but to clean up the team.”

Fei Kexin hurriedly asked, “Mr. Ye, what do you mean…”

Ye Chen reminded: “Don’t forget that the members of the Fei family’s board of directors are the ones who kicked your grandfather out of the game. Your top priority now is to get all their voting rights and veto rights on the board of directors. Take it back, only in this way will your position be the safest.”

Fei Kexin said with some worry: “The members of the board of directors, except for the direct members of the Fei family, are basically the relatives of the Fei family, as well as some ministers of the humerus. I have just taken office, and the smooth operation of the group still needs them. Let’s maintain it, if we attack them first at this time, I’m afraid they will unite to take me down, or simply quit.”

Ye Chen said seriously: “These people were on the wrong team once, and now that you have become the new head of the family, they must be very panicked, for fear that you will settle accounts with them in the autumn, so at this time, you must not let them worry for nothing, Be sure to clear up the previous accounts as soon as possible, otherwise, if you read this article today, they will feel that there is no consequence for being on the wrong team, and they will only be more reckless next time.”

After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “There are two extremes in front of you right now, either take this opportunity to completely subdue them and make them fear you, or let them take this opportunity to see clearly Your weaknesses will get worse in the future, apart from these two possibilities, if you want to disregard the past, get along well, and cooperate sincerely with them, the possibility is almost zero.”

Fei Kexin suddenly fell silent.

She knew that what Ye Chen said was right.

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