The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4358

Originally, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Ye Chen even planned to have Gu Qiuyi’s first concert in New York tomorrow, but he would not come first.

It is also very clear that if he really does not come, not only will Gu Qiuyi feel disappointed, but his wife Xiao Churan will also be very sorry.

However, after actually watching the venue, he was suddenly relieved.

At that time, I can take my wife to watch Gu Qiuyi’s concert in the VIP box, which will greatly avoid the possibility of exposure.

Chen Duoduo also knew a little about Ye Chen, so after hearing him say he wanted a box, he didn’t say much, and happily agreed, saying, “No problem, I’ll show you up there.”

Ye Chen nodded, followed Chen Duoduo to the box, Chen Duoduo opened the door, and introduced to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, the VIP box in this venue is very large, usually more than 50 square meters, with a separate toilet inside. You can have a party inside. After you come in, anything you need will be delivered by the staff, so you don’t have to go out, and you won’t be seen by other people, and the glass is also one-way security glass, so the outside audience can’t see it at all. Get inside.”

Ye Chen looked at the environment, the box was very luxuriously decorated, and at first glance it was a gathering place for the top wealthy people in New York.

So, he opened his mouth and said, “Okay, just this one.”

Chen Duoduo agreed and said, “If Mr. Ye wants to be as low-key as possible, then I will arrange for you to go directly to the VIP channel. The VIP box is physically separated from the other auditoriums below, so you can go directly from the VIP channel. Come up, no one else will see you.”

“Okay!” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said, “That’s settled. Before the concert tomorrow, you can help me arrange a matching staff member, and then I will find him directly.”

Chen Duoduo said quickly: “Mr. Ye, how can a distinguished guest like you arrange for other staff to come and connect? I must be responsible for it myself!”

Ye Chen quickly waved his hand and said, “Farewell, you must be very busy by then, so I won’t bother you with this kind of thing, just find someone who doesn’t know me and tell him that I’m your feng shui master. .”

When Chen Duoduo saw Ye Chen rejecting him in seconds, he immediately realized what Ye Chen was worried about, and immediately said, “Mr. Ye, you don’t have to worry so much, although I, Chen Duoduo, are not a good person, I’m certainly not the kind of bad person who harms others and benefits oneself. I know you’ll come with your wife tomorrow, and I’m sure I won’t say anything wrong in front of your wife.”

Ye Chen wanted to say that I couldn’t trust you, but on second thought, although the girl Chen Duoduo was a little hot-tempered, she must have a good mind when she was doing things, otherwise it would be impossible to cooperate with Nan Nan for so many years.

So, he did not refuse any more, nodded and said, “Then it will be hard for you.”

With that said, he walked to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass window in front of the box and looked towards the stage.

On the stage, Gu Qiuyi is rehearsing a very fast-paced singing and dancing song with the dance team. Although the distance is a bit far, it is fortunate that the viewing angle can overlook the entire stage. In addition, there are huge LED screens on both sides of the stage. They are all playing close-up pictures of cameras from various angles, so the look and feel is also very good.

In this case, it can also guarantee the experience of his wife Xiao Churan when she watches the show tomorrow night.

When Ye Chen was watching Gu Qiuyi’s rehearsal at the venue, the atmosphere in the Fei Group headquarters building became more and more awkward.

A large number of members of the special operations team entered the building one after another and carried out a carpet search of the entire building. However, after searching the entire building, they found no trace of Su Ruoli.

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