The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4359

You must know that the equipment used by the members of the special operations team is the most advanced. The life detectors they use will not cause any impact even if they are made of reinforced concrete, and it is almost difficult to be interfered by humans, even if Su Ruoli’s hidden ability No matter how strong it is, it cannot escape the search of this instrument.

In addition, there are dozens of well-trained police dogs at the scene, even if there are people hiding across a few walls, the police dogs will be aware of it.

Therefore, this two-pronged approach can almost ignore any interference. As long as Su Ruoli is still at the headquarters of the Fei Group, he will definitely be discovered.

But even with such advanced detection capabilities, there may still be no trace of Su Ruoli.

This made Li Yalin feel extremely surprised, and at the same time, he couldn’t help but think about a question: Did Su Ruoli escape earlier?

But after thinking about it, he felt that it was unlikely.

His actions were already very fast, and he had never given Fei Kexin a chance to tip off. How could Su Ruoli escape in such a timely manner? !

The chief of the New York Police Department was already restless at this time, and none of the media reporters outside who had been identified and approved for release left, and were all reporting on the scene.

The dissatisfaction of the American people with the New York police has grown stronger as the reports continue.

Although everyone knows that the New York police are so aggressive in order to capture the murderers of Fei Haoyang and other scumbags.

However, the vast majority of people rely on their own view of right and wrong to judge the problem, not from the perspective of justice.

Looking at this matter from a judicial point of view, it is like Li Yalin. No matter how these people punish evil and promote good, they all have no law enforcement power. Therefore, killing people without law enforcement power is an undoubted criminal act. Since it is a criminal act, it must be arrested and brought to justice and brought to justice.

However, the vast majority of New Yorkers and the American public view this matter from the perspective of personal right and wrong.

In their eyes, Fei Haoyang and these scumbags deserve to die. Whoever kills them is a hero in the eyes of the people.

They have been able to do evil for so long and harm so many innocent girls. It is also the dereliction of duty for the New York police. Since someone has done something for the New York police that they cannot do, the New York police should not bite like a dog. Instead, he should reflect on why he has not been able to discover what Fei Haoyang and others have done, instead of focusing on catching those unsung heroes who have done good deeds.

This view of right and wrong of the American people is almost the same as that of Hollywood superhero movies. In the eyes of the public, whether it is Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, or The Flash, as long as they are capable people, they should stand up for The society is free from violence and peace. As for what the power of law enforcement is not the power of law enforcement, the people do not care at all.

Therefore, what the New York police are doing now has caused great public anger, and the scolding on the Internet is getting louder and louder.

The mayor even personally called the police chief and asked them to immediately stop the blockade and search of the Fei Group.

The head of the police chief is as big as a fight. After repeatedly confirming that the special operations team has not found any trace of Su Ruoli, he immediately rushed into Li Yalin’s temporary command center, pointed at his nose, and scolded: “Evacuate everyone immediately! Five! In minutes, go and explain to the media the purpose and results of today’s action!”

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I absolutely love the story. However, there are so many grammatical errors, it makes for difficult reading at times. Check mismatched proper nouns & pronouns along with incorrect verb tenses.

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