The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4385

It now appears that the information is wrong.

However, at this moment, he can no longer care about these small accidents.

He immediately made a gesture of wiping his neck to everyone, which meant that everyone, including the two people in the box next door, would be killed!

Anyway, the process of killing them all the way up is to kill anyone they see, and to kill anyone they see is also their code of conduct tonight.

Afterwards, everyone got ready. Between the wave of the leader, they tacitly divided three heights: high, medium, and low, and entered the aisle leading to the VIP box at a very fast speed!

The four masters of the An family suddenly discovered that the enemy was attacking at this time. The eight-star warrior headed by him froze and shouted: “There is an enemy!”

After all, the whole body’s infuriating energy quickly forced from the body to the body surface, arming the skin into armor, and at the same time pulling out a soft sword coiled around the waist from the waist!

The other three responded very quickly, and almost immediately began to run infuriating.

This is the standard procedure for martial arts masters to defend against the enemy.

However, the enemy does not speak of martial arts at all!

More than 20 powerful assault rifles, at extremely fast speed, frantically vented the bullets in the magazines.

After the acceleration and rotation of the rifling, each bullet madly attacked the four people with deadly force!

The man at the head slashed wildly with the soft sword, his speed was extremely fast, and when the soft sword shook in his hand, it suddenly became extremely hard, cutting iron like mud!

In an instant, at least a dozen bullets were chopped in half by him, but more than a dozen bullets hit him!

Rather, a few hundred rounds!

More bullets hit his body one after another!

His infuriating qi was indeed very powerful, and the bullets hit him at first, as if hitting an iron wall!

If the opponent is fighting alone, he can cut most of the bullets off by himself, and although the remaining bullets cannot be completely cut off, they will not cause fatal damage to his body due to the infuriating body protection. .

However, the bad thing is that there are too many people on the other side, too many guns…

Bullets, too many! ……

More than 20 magazines released 600 or 700 rounds of bullets in a few seconds!

And in this straight alley, they have nowhere to hide!

The first bullets only shocked these martial arts masters, but they couldn’t hurt their bodies.

But in less than a second, their True Qi was exhausted at an extremely fast speed under the attack of bullets as dense as rain!

The infuriating energy of the martial arts master is rapidly draining, but the opponent’s bullets have not stopped in the slightest!

Moreover, not to mention martial arts, the gun is tireless!

A bullet has a capacity of thirty rounds, and there is almost no difference in power between the first and last rounds!

This also means that the fate of these four masters, from the moment these people suddenly appeared, is doomed to tragedy!

Soon, the head of the eight-star warrior’s body reached its limit. The bullet could not penetrate his body, to the bullet that could penetrate half of the body, and then to the bullet that completely penetrated the body or even completely penetrated the body. The whole process took only a few minutes. to three seconds.

The reason why it is so fast is that it only takes less than three seconds for this kind of assault rifle with a rate of fire of 700 bullets per minute to clear the 30 bullets in the magazine!

Therefore, in less than three seconds, the four masters of the An family were beaten into sieves by bullets!

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