The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4415

In fact, she had been dealing with the death of the murdered staff just now, and her emotions had been relatively depressed, but considering that Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were VIP guests, she still insisted on coming over to greet each other. Seeing that the task was completed, the whole person did not dare to take any part in it. Relax, because she has to rush to the backstage to explain things to Gu Qiuyi.

At the same time, outside the stadium, Qiangzai kept begging to the security guard of the stadium: “I really know Miss Gu, I have something very important to find her, and I am in a hurry! Please help me and tell Miss Gu. , just say my name is Qiangzai, and I’m the guy from the roast goose shop in Chinatown, she’ll know for sure!”

The security guard scoffed at his words and said disdainfully: “Okay, I don’t know how many fans came to make up stories with me tonight, you are the worst one! You are a guy from a roast goose shop, how could Miss Gu know each other? you?”

Qiangzai said eagerly: “I’m telling the truth, if there is half a word that is not true, it will be thunder! I beg you to help spread the word, just spread the word!”

The security pushed him and said disgustedly: “Okay, don’t waste your time here, don’t say I don’t believe you at all, even if I believe you, I’m not qualified to talk to Miss Gu, you are really worth it I!”

When Qiangzi heard this, he suddenly wanted to cry without tears.

He finally realized that if he used this method to find Gu Qiuyi, there was basically no chance of success.

So, he had an idea and thought of a way. Although Gu Qiuyi performed in this venue, she definitely didn’t live here. After the performance, she would definitely leave by car with his team.

Therefore, my best choice is to wait for her car to come out, and try to stop it, even if it rushes directly into the road or directly into her convoy, as long as it can attract her attention, Uncle Zhong There is a rescue!

Thinking of this, he immediately came to the exit of the VIP channel of the venue, because he knew that Gu Qiuyi could not go out from the ordinary exit and then go to the parking lot to take a car. He must leave directly from the VIP channel by car. she.

At this time, Ye Chen drove the car and took Xiao Churan out of the VIP channel.

Because it was only a car, Qiangzi concluded that Gu Qiuyi could not be in this car, so he didn’t pay much attention.

But when Ye Chen came out, he still found Qiangzai.

Seeing Qiang Zai standing on the side of the road anxiously, he realized in his heart that something might have happened to the roast goose shop or Uncle Zhong.

However, because Xiao Churan was by his side, it was difficult for him to stop the car and ask Qiangzai directly, so he took out his mobile phone while waiting for the red light, and sent a text message to Gu Qiuyi, telling her that Qiangzai was outside the venue, maybe If you have anything to do with her, let her receive it.

At this moment, Gu Qiuyi was sitting in the dressing room removing makeup. Several makeup artists surrounded her and helped her remove the headgear on her head, and some people began to help her remove the makeup on her face.

She also couldn’t wait to take out her phone from the drawer, ready to send a message to Ye Chen to ask him how he was doing tonight.

Unexpectedly, before he sent a message to Ye Chen, he received a text message from Ye Chen.

After seeing the content of the text message, she hurriedly asked the makeup artist beside her, “Where are so many people?”

As soon as the words fell, Chen Duoduo pushed open the door and entered.

Gu Qiuyi saw Chen Duoduo coming in through the mirror, and said quickly, “Duoduo, please help me go out and pick up someone, at the exit of the VIP channel, called Qiangzai, the guy in Uncle Zhong’s roast goose shop.”

Chen Duoduo waved his hand and said very seriously: “Let him wait for a while, I have more important things to tell you…”

After that, she said to the makeup artist next to Gu Qiuyi, “You guys go out first.”

Several makeup artists were also very knowledgeable, and immediately put down the things in their hands, turned around and left the dressing room.

Seeing that Chen Duoduo’s expression was very ugly, Gu Qiuyi quickly asked, “Duoduo, what happened?”

Chen Duoduo came to Gu Qiuyi dejectedly, glanced at Gu Qiuyi, suddenly unable to hold back his emotions, covered his face and cried loudly: “Wuwu… Qiu Yi… When you were performing ……something happened in the VIP area……a lot of people died……uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I’m fucking scared to death…”

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