The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4452

Twenty minutes later, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan received Ma Lan at the airport after a long absence.

Seeing Xiao Churan and Ye Chen, Ma Lan was extremely excited, and said cheerfully, “Aiya, Churan, Ye Chen, during this time, Mom is going to miss you all!”

Xiao Churan said with a smile, “I thought that you must be very comfortable at home by yourself.”

Ma Lan smiled and said, “Comfort is comfortable, but it’s so lonely to be alone all the time!”

As she said that, she said angrily, “I came to the United States this time, and I forgot to exchange dollars and forgot to bring my bank card. Are you enough money?”

Xiao Churan didn’t think about it too much, and said with a smile, “Mom, you come to the United States to find us, how can we let you spend your own money, just stay here steadfastly.”

Ye Chen also interjected: “Yes, Mom, you are here in the United States, and you mustn’t let you spend your own money. Electronic payment in the United States is not very convenient. I’ll give you a via credit card and get you some cash later.”

After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “By the way, the security in the United States is not very good. You must not carry too much cash with you when you go out.”

When Ma Lan heard that Ye Chen wanted to give himself a card and cash, his eyes lit up with excitement, and he said excitedly: “You really deserve to be a good son-in-law, otherwise everyone would say that one son-in-law is half! Such a filial son-in-law is more reliable than having a son yourself!”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, noncommittal.

He knew Ma Lan’s character too well, regardless of her fiery enthusiasm, he wanted to make a hole in the sky, but as long as she gave her a little favor, her attitude would immediately take a 180-degree turn.

Therefore, Ma Lan can be pinched for a small amount of money, which is also a very cost-effective deal for Ye Chen.

Later, the two drove Ma Lan to the hotel.

When Ma Lan entered the presidential suite, he was speechless in shock.

She ran around the room for a few laps, but couldn’t understand the layout of the entire suite, so she kept exclaiming: “Oh my god, this presidential suite is too big! You two live here for so many days? What a waste!”

Xiao Churan said helplessly: “I didn’t know that Ye Chen packed such a big room, it’s really too wasteful…”

Ye Chen smiled at this time: “It’s okay, isn’t it all about spending money? Besides, it’s not a big expense. Going to show people the income of Feng Shui is enough to live here for a few months.”

Ma Lanle couldn’t close his mouth and praised directly: “My son-in-law is still amazing! It’s like making money like a strong wind!”

Xiao Churan hurriedly said: “Mom, it’s not easy for Ye Chen to make money. He runs around everywhere, and he often went to New York a few days ago to show people Feng Shui.”

“Naughty!” Ma Lan exclaimed: “Does a good son-in-law still have business in the United States? It’s amazing!”

Ye Chen said casually: “It’s all based on some friends who introduce each other. Because they believe in me, they keep introducing me to some new customers. Generally, as long as it is a customer introduced by a friend, I will try my best to pick up the next one. Not only to make money, but also to not refute my friend’s face, otherwise my friend kindly introduced me to his clients, but I didn’t take orders from others, so it would be difficult for this friend to be caught in the middle.”

Ma Lan nodded in agreement and said, “Good son-in-law is right, people introduce customers to us out of respect for us. Not only can we not shirk, but we have to serve them well, so that they can introduce more to us. customer of!”

Xiao Churan said helplessly: “Husband, you should talk to your friends and ask them to introduce less customers to you in the future, so that it can be easier in the future.”

Ye Chen didn’t speak yet, Ma Lan blurted out: “Good son-in-law, you can’t just think about being easy at such a young age! Don’t listen to Churan, young people just have to have a positive and hard-working heart, how can two Lie flat in your teens? In modern society, money is hard to earn and shit is hard to eat, and the most important thing is to earn more money in the bank account!”

Xiao Churan said: “Mom, I mean let Ye Chen take less orders, and let him lie down without saying…”

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