The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4486

Seeing Liu Manqiong’s desolate expression, Ye Chen suddenly sympathized with the eldest lady of the top wealthy family on Hong Kong Island.

Although Liu Jiahui is rich, Liu Manqiong still cannot have a complete childhood.

Her father’s betrayal and her mother’s early death completely destroyed her childhood.

In this regard, the experiences of Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong are somewhat similar.

Although his parents had a good relationship, after passing away, Ye Chen’s childhood completely fell apart.

After that, Ye Chen lived in the orphanage for ten years. Although Aunt Li took care of him, it was still a painful ten years for Ye Chen.

Because in those ten years, he had to re-accept the reality of his parents’ death every day for the first five years, and every day for the next five years, he fought against the sadness of missing his parents.

What really healed Ye Chen for the next 20 years, kept him calm and never went astray, was the earnest teaching and good memories that his parents gave him before he was eight years old.

Come to think of it, Liu Manqiong’s fond memories should be from when she was a child, her mother brought her here every day, and tried every means to coax her to eat. Later, the person who loved her the most was gone, so she could only come here to find her shadow.

At this time, a street vendor wearing an apron on the side of the road was frying Niuhe. When he saw Liu Manqiong approaching, he quickly greeted with a smile: “Miss Manqiong, you are here!”

Liu Manqiong came back to his senses and quickly smiled and said, “Uncle Nan, why didn’t I see you open the file two days ago?”

The street vendor was so happy that he said, “My daughter-in-law was born the day before yesterday. She’s a fat boy, and she weighs seven pounds and eight taels!”

“Wow!” Liu Manqiong said in surprise: “It’s really good! Next time you come, I will definitely pack a big red envelope for the little guy!”

The vendor hurriedly said: “No need for Miss Manqiong, we receive your favor every year, how can we make you spend more money.”

Liu Manqiong smiled and said, “Uncle Nan, why don’t you do this? I’ll tell Manager Wan that you’ll be exempted from the rent for the second half of the year, so it’s just a red envelope for the little guy.”

The vendor said with sincerity, “How can this be done, Miss Manqiong, you haven’t raised the rent for ten years, and you have taken great care of us. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to support our family here…”

Liu Manqiong laughed and said, “Uncle Nan, don’t be polite to me. I’ll tell Manager Wan later.”

After that, she pointed to Ye Chen and said to the street vendor, “Uncle Nan, I’ll take my friends to eat inside, so don’t disturb me for now.”

The vendor nodded gratefully, then looked at Ye Chen, and asked with a smile, “Miss Manqiong, are you finally dating?”

“No…” Liu Manqiong quickly shook his head: “Ordinary friends.”

The vendor looked at Ye Chen with a deep expression on his face, and said seriously, “I have been here for more than 20 years, and you are the first boy that Miss Manqiong brought over.”

Liu Manqiong said in a panic: “Uncle Nan, he is really an ordinary friend of mine, so don’t put smoke bombs here.”

After speaking, he quickly greeted Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, let’s go.”

Ye Chen nodded with the vendor, and then walked to the depths of the snack street with Liu Manqiong.

After getting away from Uncle Nan’s booth, Ye Chen asked her curiously, “Miss Manqiong, I heard what Uncle Nan said just now, you seem to be the landlord here?”

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