The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4520


Ye Chen smiled slightly, and said indifferently while driving: “I said it, my name is Ye Chen, twenty-eight years old, from the mainland.”

Liu Manqiong asked, “Aren’t you an assistant of Yisu Shipping? If you are just an assistant of Yisu Shipping, why is the entire Wanlong Palace yours?”

Ye Chen looked ahead, turned the car to the left, and said casually: “Wanlong Palace was not created by me, nor was I bought it with money, but I was kind to Wan Pojun, the hall master of Wanlong Palace, so he voluntarily let it go. The entire Wanlong Palace is loyal to me.”

After speaking, Ye Chen paused, and then said: “As for the assistant of Yisu Shipping, I’m just making a friendly cameo. Your family also works in shipping. You should have heard from your father that Yisu Shipping is in the aspect of armed escort. , with the close cooperation of Wanlong Palace, so shipping safety is the first in the world, and this is what I match.”

Liu Manqiong asked inexplicably: “Wan Pojun is the master of the Wanlong Palace. If you want people and money, how can you owe you a favor?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “It may be inconvenient to elaborate on this matter, but this is indeed the case.”

Liu Manqiong asked again: “Then what are you going to do on Hong Kong Island? I don’t believe that you have such a big background that you will come to Hong Kong Island in person to discuss cooperation with my father.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Didn’t I tell you? I’m here to preside over a justice.”

Liu Manqiong asked: “What kind of justice is it, you need to come over and preside over it in person?”

Ye Chen thought about it and said, “The other party was a friend of my father’s during his lifetime. He encountered some unfair things, so I came to Hong Kong Island to help him preside over this justice.”

With that said, Ye Chen didn’t wait for Liu Manqiong to speak, and continued: “If you want to ask me what kind of justice I preside, then I may not be able to tell you for the time being. What I can tell you is that this justice will come soon. When this matter is over, I will leave Hong Kong Island, and it should not have much impact on your life.”

When Ye Chen said these words, he had already made a plan in his heart.

Although Lau Ka Fai is indeed not a good person and has broken his promise to his father, he does have a good daughter.

Therefore, looking at Liu Manqiong’s face, he did not intend to punish Liu Jiahui too severely.

However, all of this must be based on the successful resolution of all Uncle Zhong’s crises.

Let Uncle Zhong live on Hong Kong Island with integrity, let Uncle Zhong and his family not be threatened by anyone, and let all the so-called bosses on Hong Kong Island, including Lau Ka Fai, respect Uncle Zhong.

To achieve this, and then give Liu Jiahui appropriate punishment, in Ye Chen’s view, it is a satisfactory solution.

In fact, after shocking Hong Yuanshan and Zhong Yunqiu just now, Ye Chen wanted to turn around and ask Liu Jiahui if he still remembered the promise he made to Ye Changying back then.

But when the words came to his lips, Ye Chen held back.

And the reason why he didn’t directly disclose his identity to Liu Jiahui today is that he didn’t want Liu Manqiong to know that he came this time to teach her father a lesson.

Even if Liu Jiahui is a bastard, he is still Liu Manqiong’s father, and although Liu Manqiong has always been grumpy with Liu Jiahui on the surface, Marven Ye can see that she still has a deep father-daughter relationship with Liu Jiahui in her heart.

Liu Jiahui can buy an entire street for her and lose money to let Liu Manqiong, who lost her mother, restore her childhood memories, and dare to go to a nightclub for her to negotiate with Hong Yuanshan, which shows that he attaches great importance to this daughter.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s view of Liu Jiahui has changed somewhat, and he also intends to avoid Liu Manqiong as much as possible when dealing with Liu Jiahui.

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