The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4550

Ye Chen’s words made Liu Jiahui’s expression stunned.

It was the first time he had heard such remarks.

If it was someone else who said this, he would definitely sneer, thinking that the other party was just a hypocritical self-promotion.

On Hong Kong Island, where the entertainment industry is very developed, which man does not want to get involved in the entertainment industry and have some scandals with heterosexual stars after he has money?

There are not a few people who even marry celebrities back home.

But Ye Chen felt that it was a shameful thing for him to be related to the entertainment industry, which was obviously inconsistent with reality.

However, when Liu Jiahui thought about it carefully, he immediately discovered a very surprising fact.

That is, on Hong Kong Island, those who really like to mix with celebrities are often the rich second generation.

And the rich generation who are really self-made, most of them don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry.

Even, this often happens on Hong Kong Island.

The son is crazy to pursue the big star in the entertainment industry, and even once wanted to marry the big star back home as his wife.

However, the head of the family did not give him any chance at all, and directly shut out the star.

Even some stars have given birth to a few children to the rich second generation, but they are not able to finally marry into the wealthy family.

The reason is that the wealthy generation who started from scratch are much stronger in ability, courage, knowledge and self-positioning than the second-generation rich with a golden key. Compared with the second-generation rich, they are not in the same rank at all.

In the eyes of the rich generation, the big stars who are infatuated by the rich second generation are simply unacceptable, let alone marrying home as their daughter-in-law.

From what Ye Chen said just now, it can also be seen that Ye Chen’s rank is also much stronger than that of the rich second generation.

In Ye Chen’s eyes, the entertainment industry that everyone in the rich second generation likes has absolutely nothing to do with it.

After thinking about this, he said with a red face: “Mr. Ye, you are right… Really successful people really shouldn’t get too close to the entertainment industry…”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “I almost forgot that Mr. Liu had a lot of interactions with the entertainment industry back then. I just said my personal opinion, Mr. Liu doesn’t have to take it to heart.”

Liu Jiahui smiled awkwardly, and quickly changed the subject: “Mr. Ye, let’s talk about cooperation!”

Ye Chen looked at the time and said with a smile, “It’s almost noon, why don’t we talk after lunch, what do you think?”

“No problem.” Liu Jiahui hurriedly said, “Then it’s not too late to talk after lunch.”

Ye Chen nodded, and the phone suddenly received a call from Fei Kexin.

So he said to Liu Jiahui, “I’m sorry, Mr. Liu, I’ll take a call.”

Liu Jiahui hurriedly said, “Please.”

Ye Chen pressed the answer button, put the phone to his ear, and said, “Hello, Miss Fei.”

On the phone, Fei Kexin said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, I am calling to report to you that the plane that Chen Zhaozhong is taking will land at Hong Kong Island Airport in about two and a half hours, that is, at 2:00 pm local time on Hong Kong Island. Please be prepared to deal with it.”

Ye Chen glanced at Liu Jiahui, he and Liu Jiahui were sitting opposite each other, and the distance was relatively far. If he wanted to come to Liu Jiahui, it would be impossible for Liu Jiahui to hear the content of the phone, so he smiled and said: “Miss Fei is interested, I have arranged everything here. “Miss Fei can rest assured.”

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