The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4551

As he spoke, he heard the faint whistling of the aircraft engine on Fei Kexin’s phone, so he asked, “Is Miss Fei on the plane now?”

“Yes.” Fei Kexin said hurriedly: “I was just about to report to you. In order to ensure that Mr. Chen’s repatriation is safe, I brought Master Yuan here. Our plane is expected to arrive at Hong Kong Island at 2:30. Mr. Chen must go through the handover procedure at the customs, so although we landed half an hour later, we should leave the customs one step ahead of Mr. Chen.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help sighing: “Miss Fei, you have already helped me a lot in this matter, there is no need to go so far and toss yourself so hard.”

Fei Kexin said without hesitation: “Mr. Ye, your words are serious. You are very kind to Ke Xin. Ke Xin just did such a thing. It’s hard to talk about it.”

In fact, Fei Kexin also knew that since Ye Chen himself was on Hong Kong Island, he would be able to keep Chen Zhaozhong safe and sound.

And although she said that she came to Hong Kong Island to ensure that Chen Zhaozhong was safe, she actually wanted to come and meet Ye Chen.

After all, she is her benefactor, and she is the one who she thinks of day and night. She also hopes to seize every opportunity to meet Ye Chen.

And this time to Hong Kong Island, in her opinion, is the most suitable time to see Ye Chen now.

Ye Chen didn’t even think that Fei Kexin would come, but then he thought about it, Fei Kexin’s arrival added a bit of drama to the matter.

So, he looked at Liu Jiahui, smiled deliberately and said, “Since Miss Fei has come so far, I must go to the airport to meet her in the afternoon. Let’s meet at the airport in the afternoon.”

Fei Kexin was originally worried that her uninvited behavior would bring trouble to Ye Chen and make Ye Chen dissatisfied, but when he heard Ye Chen say these words with a smile, he felt a big stone in his heart. It disappeared without a trace in an instant.

She was so happy that she wanted to tell Ye Chen that there was no trouble, but after thinking about it carefully, Ye Chen would definitely be going to the airport to pick up Chen Zhaozhong in the afternoon, and he was just dropping by.

So, she said with great joy: “That’s hard work, Mr. Ye, see you at the airport!”

“Okay, see you at the airport!”

Ye Chen deliberately made the three words “see the airport” very clear, and then he hung up the phone, and Liu Jiahui, who was opposite, asked, “Mr. Ye, do you have a friend coming to Hong Kong Island?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen smiled: “Miss Fei Kexin from the Fei family in the United States, I wonder if Mr. Liu has heard of it?”

Liu Jiahui was stunned and blurted out, “Miss Fei…Miss Fei?! Is that Miss Fei who just took over the Fei family and became the head and chairman of the Fei family?!”

“That’s right, it’s her.” Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Miss Fei came to Hong Kong Island to help me with some errands, and will be here in the afternoon.”

In Liu Jiahui’s heart, his respect for Ye Chen has risen to a new level.

He really never thought that Ye Chen was not only the master of Wanlong Palace, but also had a deep relationship with Yisu Shipping, and even had such close contacts with the Fei family!

He didn’t even think that Ye Chen had such a big face that Fei Kexin could fly over from the United States to help him in person!

You must know that the Fei family is the second largest Chinese family in the United States. Its real strength is several times stronger than that of the Li family on Hong Kong Island. It belongs to the absolute top giants!

Thinking of this, he became more determined in his heart to curry favor with Ye Chen and strive to turn Ye Chen into a son-in-law!

He thought excitedly in his heart: “I’m only worth 100 billion Hong Kong dollars, and if I convert it into US dollars, it will only be more than 10 billion. In front of Ye Chen’s strength and connections, it’s not even a hair! If this can catch up with Ye Chen This line of Chen, my network will expand to the world’s top!”

Thinking of this, Liu Jiahui hurriedly said to Ye Chen with a face full of pleading: “Mr. Ye, if you are going to pick up Miss Fei at the airport this afternoon, can you let me accompany me? To be honest, I have always wanted to meet the Fei family and the An family in the United States. People, it’s just that these two families are too much stronger than the next, and I haven’t been able to find a suitable opportunity…”

The reason why Ye Chen wanted to pick up Kexin from the airport on the phone was to better fool Liu Jiahui to the airport. He never thought that Liu Jiahui would take the bait without saying anything.

So, he smiled cheerfully and said, “Okay, it’s a small matter. Since Mr. Liu wants to meet Miss Fei so much, come with me in the afternoon!”

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