The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4554

Two in the afternoon.

Chen Zhaozhong’s flight landed at Hong Kong Island International Airport on time.

At this time, Chen Zhaozhong, sitting by the window, had mixed feelings in his heart.

He has been away from Hong Kong Island for too long, and the scenery outside the window has long been half familiar. The only thing he is familiar with is the traditional Chinese characters that can be seen everywhere.

These traditional Chinese characters all reminded him that after 20 years, he finally returned to his long-lost hometown.

However, what he regrets is that when he comes back this time, he probably has no chance to get acquainted with Hong Kong Island, which has been separated for 20 years. From the moment he landed on Hong Kong Island, his life may have entered the countdown.

At this time, a male flight attendant came to him and reminded: “Mr. Chen, according to the regulations, don’t get off the plane in a hurry, and after the other passengers get off the plane, I will take you and yours in person. I will hand over you to Hong Kong Island Customs, and I hope you can understand.”

Chen Zhaozhong nodded and said with a slight smile, “Okay, thank you.”

Although Chen Zhaozhong was forcibly repatriated by the United States, he was not a prisoner, so when he was repatriated, he was not accompanied by any American police or immigration staff.

According to the process in the United States, since it is a repatriation, the passport information of the deportee will be blacklisted, and he will be banned from entering the United States for five years, ten years or life, and then directly arrange him to board the return flight.

The rest has nothing to do with America.

Therefore, the US Immigration Bureau sent him to the departure plane, and handed him and his information to the staff of the airline. The staff of the airline would hand him and the information to Hong Kong Island Customs after he got off the plane. , the repatriation process is complete.

After all the passengers got off the plane, the flight attendant came to Chen Zhaozhong again and said politely, “Mr. Chen, come with me.”

“Okay.” Chen Zhaozhong nodded slightly, stood up, and took out some of his carry-on luggage from the luggage rack above his head.

Then, he followed the staff and got off the plane.

After crossing the covered bridge, he saw that two customs staff were already waiting at the end of the covered bridge.

The staff brought Chen Zhaozhong to the two of them, handed over Chen Zhaozhong’s information, and said, “Two, this is Mr. Chen.”

One of the staff nodded and said, “It’s hard work, just leave it to us later.”

After that, he walked up to Chen Zhaozhong and said, “Is it Mr. Chen Zhaozhong?”

Chen Zhaozhong nodded lightly: “It’s me.”

The customs officer said, “Welcome home, Mr. Chen. Please go to the customs with us first.”

Chen Zhaozhong hurriedly asked, “Ar, what is the next process?”

The customs officer explained: “It’s actually very simple. You were only repatriated by the United States, but you are still a citizen of China Hong Kong Island, and we have checked your situation in advance. You have no criminal record on Hong Kong Island, and you are a law-abiding citizen, so you only You need to go through a routine registration with us, and you can enter freely.”

Having said that, the customs officer said again: “Oh, by the way, you can call your family now and ask them to come and pick you up. We will speed up the work on our side, and it will be over in an hour at most.”

Chen Zhaozhong smiled slightly: “It’s not necessary, please go through the process first.”

“Okay.” The customs officer nodded and said, “Please come with me.”


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