The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4557

The two looked at each other with shock and disbelief in their eyes.

Originally thought that Fei Kexin was Ye Chen’s friend, but who would have thought that Fei Kexin would drop herself in front of Ye Chen, call Ye Chen respectfully, and said that it was her honor to share Ye Chen’s worries.

This is even a bit humble, more like the subordinate’s tone and attitude towards the boss.

Neither of them could understand why Fei Kexin, the head of the Fei family, was so humble towards Ye Chen.

At this time, Ye Chen said to Fei Kexin, “Miss Fei, let me introduce you to two friends.”

Saying that, he pointed to Liu Jiahui beside him, and said, “This is the famous Liu Jiahui on Hong Kong Island, Mr. Liu; the one next to him is his wife, Fang Jiaxin, Miss Fang.”

Fei Kexin was shocked when he heard the names of the two.

She knew that Marven Ye came to Hong Kong Island this time to help Chen Zhaozhong solve the troubles here, and she also knew that the person who wanted Chen Zhaozhong’s life was Liu Jiahui, the richest man on Hong Kong Island.

But she really didn’t think that Ye Chen actually brought Liu Jiahui here, and looking at this situation, Liu Jiahui seemed to have become friends with Ye Chen, and he didn’t have the slightest sense of danger at all.

Just when she was surprised, Lau Ka Fai took the initiative to stretch out his hand and said very respectfully, “Hello, Miss Fei, my dear Lau Ka Fai, I have admired your name for a long time, and I never thought that I could meet you on Hong Kong Island today.

Fei Kexin put away the surprise in his heart, looked at Liu Jiahui, stretched out his hand to shake him lightly, and immediately smiled: “It turned out to be the famous Mr. Liu, good luck to meet you!”

Fang Jiaxin on the side also said nervously: “Fei … Hello Miss Fei! I’m Fang Jiaxin, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Fei Kexin nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Hello Mrs. Liu.”

At this time, Liu Jiahui hurriedly got close and said, “Miss Fei, Mr. Ye and I have a good relationship with each other, and you are Mr. Ye’s good friend. When you come to Hong Kong Island this time, you must give the next opportunity to fulfill the friendship of the landlord. !”

After speaking, he continued: “I have prepared a banquet at home. If Miss Fei doesn’t dislike it, please come to condescend to the humble house!”

Then, Liu Jiahui quickly added: “By the way, Miss Fei, Mr. Ye has been living in the humble house for the past two days. If Miss Fei doesn’t dislike it, she can also live in the next house on Hong Kong Island for the past few days.”

Fei Kexin smiled slightly, looked at Ye Chen with affectionate eyes, and said, “To tell the truth from Mr. Liu, I came to Hong Kong Island this time because of Mr. Ye, so I obeyed Mr. Ye’s instructions.”

Liu Jiahui hurriedly looked at Ye Chen, who was beside him, and asked respectfully, “Mr. Ye, what do you mean?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s too early to say this.”

After he finished speaking, he asked Lau Ka Fai, “By the way, Mr. Lau, you have a deep relationship on Hong Kong Island, can you ask the airport to provide us with a VIP lounge in this building?”

Liu Jiahui asked curiously, “Mr. Ye, don’t we leave now?”

Ye Chen smiled casually: “To be honest, there are two distinguished guests today. Miss Fei is the first one, and there is another one later. It may take a while.”

When Liu Jiahui heard this, he didn’t think about Chen Zhaozhong at all, he just couldn’t help but asked in surprise: “Mr. Ye, do you still have a distinguished guest?! I don’t know what this distinguished guest is from? Could it be… The famous An family, right?”

Ye Chen smiled slightly: “This distinguished guest is one of my elders and has a close personal relationship with my father. As for his surname, Mr. Liu should not be so detailed.”

Liu Jiahui thought to himself: “Even Fei Kexin is very respectful to Ye Chen, then Ye Chen, the second distinguished guest, may be even bigger than Fei Kexin! Maybe it is the An family I guessed, if that’s the case. , I’m really lucky today!”

Thinking of this, he immediately patted his chest and said to Ye Chen, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I have shares in this airport. It’s very easy to solve a VIP lounge. Just wait a moment, I’ll arrange it!”

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