The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4562

At this time, Liu Jiahui was already swept away by anger.

He blurted out an angry curse, and Chen Zhaozhong said with a somewhat ashamed expression, “Mr. Liu, long time no see.”

“See your mother, see you!” Liu Jiahui pointed at Chen Zhaozhong and cursed angrily: “You are so fucking arrogant, and you dare to run in front of me! You really think you have a long life!”

Ye Chen on the side said coldly: “Mr. Liu, do you treat my distinguished guest like this, don’t you think I’m Ye Chen a little bit?”

Liu Jiahui came back to his senses instantly, and then shivered in fright.

Only then did he realize that Liu Jiahui was actually brought over by Ye Chen!

So, he asked Ye Chen nervously: “Mr. Ye, you… how did you know him?”

Ye Chen frowned and said, “Uncle Zhong is my father’s friend.”

Having said that, Ye Chen looked at Liu Jiahui and asked him, “Mr. Liu, do you still want to ask who my father is?”

Liu Jiahui nodded subconsciously.

He had only one relationship with Ye Changying back then, not to mention that Ye Changying had been dead for 20 years, and he could no longer remember this person in his mind.

Ye Chen looked at him, smiled slightly, and said word by word, “Mr. Liu, my father’s name is Ye Changying, Ye Changying of Ye’s family in Yanjing, your nobleman forgets things so much, you can turn your head and forget your own words. After all these years, do you still have any impression of my father?”

“Ye Changying…” Liu Jiahui murmured and repeated, his brows furrowed.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly remembered the middle-aged man who had met him on a special trip from the mainland to Hong Kong Island.

At that time, Ye Changying was very famous in the Chinese circle.

Not only because of his good background and strong ability, but also because he married a very remarkable woman, An Chengji, who is famous all over the world for promoting the rapid development of countless companies in Silicon Valley!

Back then, when Liu Jiahui met Ye Changying, he also sighed that this person is of extraordinary strength.

It was because of Ye Changying’s face and potential that Liu Jiahui readily agreed to let Chen Zhaozhong go. Although he hated Chen Zhaozhong at the time, he still decided to let go of the past when he thought of the chance to get on the boat of the Ye family and the An family. .

Originally, Ye Changying did have plans to give Liu Jiahui something in return, but unfortunately, not long after that, Ye Changying broke with the Ye family and left Yanjing with his wife and children.

Just when Liu Jiahui was thinking of finding an opportunity to catch up with Ye Changying, he heard the news of Ye Changying’s death.

Liu Jiahui’s first thought at that time was that he had lost a lot.

He made concessions to Chen Zhaozhong not because of Ye Changying’s face, but because he wanted to benefit from Ye Changying for a long time.

However, there is no benefit to the bullshit. Ye Changying and his wife both died in Huangquan, which is equivalent to stealing chickens without losing rice.

Therefore, Liu Jiahui at that time immediately forgot his promise to Ye Changying.

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