The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4600

At this moment, the old house of the Chen family.

This is an old house located in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong Island. The actual usable area is only more than 30 square meters.

In the land of Hong Kong Island, where every inch of land is so precious, owning a house of more than 30 square meters is already more than many people.

In Kowloon Walled City back then, countless families of five or even eight were crammed into a coffin room of less than 10 square meters. In comparison, the Chen family’s house in Sham Shui Po was considered to have escaped the title of slum.

Chen Zhaozhong grew up here when he was a child. Later, his father made a fortune by making roast goose, and the family moved to the bustling city center of Hong Kong Island.

Later, Chen Zhaozhong became a well-known professional manager on Hong Kong Island, helping Liu Jiahui to make a lot of money, and he also earned a lot. Townhouse.

When Chen Zhaozhong left Hong Kong Island, his family was well-off. However, because he offended Lau Ka Fai, the whole family was implicated. It was very difficult for his younger siblings to find a job, not to mention their love and marriage. The business of the goose shop also plummeted.

For so many years, in order to provide for his younger brothers and sisters to study, as well as to treat their parents and maintain their family, the townhouses of the Chen family have long been sold. Fortunately, Chen Zhaozhong’s old father is very nostalgic. This old house was sold, so the family finally had a place to stay.

Chen Zhaozhong’s two younger sisters, without exception, were married to migrant workers on Hong Kong Island. The reason for this was that local people on Hong Kong Island knew that their brother had offended Lau Ka Fai, so no one dared to marry him.

And Chen Zhaozhong’s younger brother Chen Zhaozu is still lucky. His girlfriend, who has been in love for many years, has always been with him.

Right now, this old house is inhabited by Chen Zhaozu’s family of three and the old lady. Although it is already very crowded, Chen Zhaozu still separates out a separate room for the old mother, and also installs a window air conditioner for the old mother. Mother has a place to live.

However, when Chen Zhaozhong suddenly came back, the cramped house was stretched all of a sudden.

After the family came back here after worshipping Father Chen, the old lady said to Chen Zhaozhong a little ashamed: “Ah Zhong, the house is too crowded, you will stay at the hotel next door tonight. The hotel is opened by your childhood playmate, Uncle Liang. Ah Cheng from my family, he has often come to the house to help over the years, and often asks about your information. You should stay there for one night. Tomorrow, Mom will ask Ah Zu to buy a bunk bed and change the bed in Mom’s room. , then you will live in the same room with your mother!”

Chen Zhaozhong hurriedly said, “Mom, you don’t have to worry, these few days I will accompany you during the day and stay at the hotel at night. After these few days, I will go to work.”

The old lady said distressedly: “You finally returned home after so many years, don’t worry about working immediately, take a good rest first!”

Chen Zhaozhong explained: “Mom, Young Master Ye has helped me so much, and while I still have a little power, as long as he doesn’t dislike it, I plan to work for him in the future. Most of his business is in the mainland, if he needs me, I might go to the mainland to work.”

With that said, Chen Zhaozhong took out 30,000 US dollars in cash from his carry-on luggage, handed it to his younger brother Chen Zhaozu, and said, “Azu, I haven’t saved too much money over the years. The store handed it over to Qiangzi, and brought back the deposit of 30,000 US dollars, you can keep this money to subsidize the household.”

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