The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4619

After making up his mind to use Ye Chen to open the knife, Yu Yiwei slashed the tip of the index finger of his left hand with a dagger. When the blood poured out, he immediately dripped the blood into the container soaked with blood mosquitoes.

The moment the fresh blood dripped into the container, the part of the blood mosquito larvae floating on the top layer of the blood directly crossed the process of normal mosquitoes becoming pupae, and immediately emerged a pair of almost transparent wings.

Afterwards, these blood mosquitoes flew out of the container one after another, flying in circles three meters above Yu Yiwei’s head.

Because the blood mosquitoes are very small, when these blood mosquitoes are flying in the sky, other people can’t find them with the naked eye.

Yu Yiwei immediately used a special formula to drive the group of blood mosquitoes to fly towards the villa.

At this time, in the living room of the villa, Ye Chen was chatting with Fei Kexin.

The moment the more than 20 blood mosquitoes entered the villa through the crack of the door, Ye Chen had already noticed the abnormality.

Although the special bloody smell was inaudible to others, for Marven Ye, it was impossible to escape his eyes.

When he noticed that more than 20 blood mosquitoes were flying over, Ye Chen guessed that this must be the means of Yu Yiwei’s envoy.

However, the lethality of this blood mosquito is still a lot worse than that of his father Yu Jinghai’s black mosquito, and his master Xuan Fengnian’s natal Gu insect.

However, just in case, Ye Chen said to Fei Kexin, “Miss Fei, please help me prepare a cup of tea.”

Fei Kexin didn’t think about it too much, and nodded immediately and said, “I’ll go and see where the tea room is. There should be one here, Mr. Ye, please wait a moment.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, he didn’t really want to drink tea, but wanted to take Fei Kexin away, on the one hand to make it easier for him to do it himself, on the other hand, to avoid accidental injury.

When Fei Kexin got up to look for the tea room, the group of blood mosquitoes also reached two meters above Ye Chen’s head.

The blood mosquitoes were very alert. They didn’t fly directly towards Ye Chen, but flew to the top of Ye Chen’s head first, trying to launch a sneak attack on Ye Chen from the blind spot of Ye Chen’s sight.

However, although this kind of thing has a very high success rate against ordinary people, in front of Ye Chen, it is even more paediatric than paediatrics.

At this time, Ye Chen raised his hand slightly, and a spiritual energy came out of his body.

The more than 20 blood mosquitoes that were staring at each other lost all their ability to move in an instant, and they were just frozen in the air, as if time stood still.

Afterwards, Ye Chen grabbed the air with his big hand, and more than 20 blood mosquitoes were all caught in his palm.

Ye Chen glanced down and couldn’t help laughing softly: “It really is Yu Jinghai’s son, and the things that the two of them play are similar to the ball.”

Having said that, Ye Chen planned to directly turn these blood mosquitoes into powder.

However, he quickly had an idea and secretly said: “Since this kid likes playing with mosquitoes so much, why not play with him.”

So, Ye Chen looked at the blood mosquitoes in his hand, and immediately put his spiritual energy into the blood mosquitoes.

Immediately afterwards, I saw these blood mosquitoes, like balloons blown up, immediately expanded from a body less than one centimeter long, and finally grew to the size of a wasp.

It swelled dozens of times in an instant, making the appearance of these blood mosquitoes extremely hideous in an instant.

It’s just that because of being wrapped in aura, these blood mosquitoes are like specimens, motionless at this time.

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