The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4630

However, he was surrounded by countless reporters taking pictures at this time, and Fei Kexin could not be seen at all, and according to the original plan, at this time, Master Yu Yiwei of Xuanji Hall was to preside over the housewarming ceremony, but he did not. Knowing why, Yu Yiwei’s shadow could not be found at the scene.

What’s worse, he suddenly discovered that the ritual altar that Yu Yiwei had spent a lot of energy on had disappeared without a trace.

So, he quickly pulled Amin to him and asked in a low voice, “Where is Master Yu?! Why is he missing?!”

Amin explained in his ear: “Mr. Liu, something happened to Master Yu… It seems that he was bitten by something he raised, and it looked very serious. He was just taken away by an ambulance… …”

“What?!” Liu Jiahui said in horror: “I punched your lungs, and he was taken away by an ambulance?! Who will handle my ceremony today!”

Amin hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Liu, Mr. Ye has arranged for Miss Fei to preside over the housewarming ceremony.”

Liu Jiahui asked in surprise: “Miss Fei is here to host? Is it true?! It’s not a joke, is it?”

“No.” Amin said hurriedly, “Miss Fei is preparing the field next to her, and she will start immediately.”

At this time, the reporters in the audience couldn’t hold back a little. Someone raised the microphone and asked loudly, “Mr. Liu, can you tell us why you suddenly bought this mansion and gave it to Mr. Chen Zhaozhong? I remember that the two of you have always been at odds, and it seems that there were some love triangles in the past, what made you make this decision today?”

“Yes, Mr. Liu!” Another reporter also said loudly, “I have heard that you have been releasing secrets to the outside world to buy Chen Zhaozhong’s life. Chen Zhaozhong finally returned to Hong Kong this time. Why did the two of you suddenly shake hands and make peace? You Is it because of some pressure? Is it because Fang Jiaxin, Miss Fang, is forcing her to die?”

Hong Kong Island media has always been tricky, especially in the face of lace news, no matter how old the other party is, they don’t care about the other party’s face at all, and they want to expose Lau Ka Fai’s scars as soon as they come up.

At this time, Liu Jiahui was also somewhat embarrassed.

He had long known that he would not be able to escape this encounter today. The reason why media reporters flocked here was to know why he would be soft on Chen Zhaozhong.

So he gritted his teeth and prepared to bite the bullet and say the remarks he had prepared first. As for whether the reporters of the monkey spirit believe it or not, that is their business.

However, just when Liu Jiahui wanted to speak, a beautiful figure walked onto the stage with a microphone from the side.

When the Hong Kong Island media saw the beauty who came to power, they all exclaimed in disbelief:

“She… Isn’t she the head of the Fei family, Fei Kexin?!”

“True or false? You can’t read it wrong, right? How did the head of the Fei family come here?!”

“It’s absolutely not wrong, it’s Fei Kexin! I did the news about Fei Kexin a few days ago. I’ve read all her information, and besides, she’s so beautiful, I’ve long been impressed!”

“That’s right! I think it’s Fei Kexin herself! This is the current head of the Fei family… It can be said that she is the most valuable among the richest people under the age of 30 in the world. How could she be here? Does she know Liu Jiahui?!”

“Liu Jiahui? How can he have such a big face! His little assets are not even a fart in front of the Fei family!”

“Could it be that she knows Chen Zhaozhong?! But it’s even more impossible. If Chen Zhaozhong knew someone from the Fei family, he wouldn’t have been hiding outside for so many years!”

For a time, all the media reporters turned their cameras on Fei Kexin, waiting for Fei Kexin to announce her identity in surprise and delight.

At this time, Fei Kexin picked up the microphone and said with a slight smile: “Thank you to all the media reporters and friends for coming. I am Fei Kexin, chairman of the Fei Group, and I am honored to be invited by Mr. Liu Jiahui to come to serve him and Mr. Chen’s family. , preside over today’s housewarming ceremony!”

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