The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4654

Xiao Churan saw that Ma Lan’s attitude was firm, although he was somewhat helpless.

But after a little thought, she also felt that it was indeed more convenient and comfortable for her mother to stay in the United States than to go back.

What’s more, I have to attend classes five days a week, but I don’t have any time to accompany her, so it will definitely cause trouble for Ye Chen.

So, she said, “Mom, on Friday the day after tomorrow, we’ll drive to New York after class, and I’ll book you a ticket for Sunday.”

“That’s great!” Ma Lan suddenly became excited and blurted out: “Hurry up and help Mom book the plane ticket, don’t go back and sell it out.”

Ye Chen on the side said at this time, “Mom, let me help you decide.”

Ma Lan nodded hurriedly: “Okay, thank you, good son-in-law!”

Ye Chen was also straightforward, immediately took out his mobile phone, found the flight back from New York on Sunday, and immediately bought her a ticket.

Ma Lan soon received the ticketing information from the airline. After seeing that the ticket had been confirmed, Ma Lan was very happy, like a wanderer who had been wandering for many years and finally had a chance to go home.

After that, Ma Lan carefully put away the goddess’s dream necklace that Ye Chen gave her, and then said to the two: “Oh, I also made an appointment to go to the Rampage, and I’m going to be late soon, you guys The young couple hurry through the two-person world, I’ll go out first!”

Saying that, without waiting for the two of them to respond, he hurriedly put on his sneakers and left the room.

After Ma Lan left, Xiao Churan said to Ye Chen with some doubts: “Husband, do you feel that my mother’s state seems a little wrong?”

“Something’s wrong?” Ye Chen asked curiously: “What do you think is wrong with Mom, I feel normal, she’s just returning to her heart like an arrow.”

Xiao Churan shook his head very seriously, and said with a slightly solemn expression: “It’s not about returning to China, it’s the necklace you gave to your mother, it’s not quite right.”

“Necklace?” Ye Chen was even more puzzled: “The necklace was bought at a counter, so there’s no way it could be fake.”

Xiao Churan hurriedly said: “Silly husband, of course I won’t suspect that you are buying fakes, I just said that my mother’s attitude towards your necklace is not right!”

As she said that, she analyzed seriously: “Husband, look, I know my mother’s character best, but you should also know very well that this person’s biggest problem is to show off, don’t say that you give her a necklace, you are giving her a gift. A valuable sofa, she can’t wait to carry it to the street, but you just gave her such an expensive necklace, she didn’t put it on immediately, but put it away… This …isn’t that weird?”

When Ye Chen heard Xiao Churan’s analysis, he couldn’t help but admire his stupid wife.

It seems that Xiao Churan really knows her mother very well. With Ma Lan’s character, it is absolutely impossible to hide and tuck good things.

Therefore, Ma Lan carefully put away the necklace she gave her just now. This behavior is indeed a bit abnormal for her.

However, Ye Chen knew very well why Ma Lan did this.

The reason is nothing more than because I just said that the better the quality, the more valuable it is to sell second-hand.

It is estimated that Ma Lan is reluctant to wear it, and wants to take it back as a brand new one and sell it for a good price.

So, Ye Chen smiled and said to Xiao Churan: “I analyze it, Mom may think it’s too late, even if she takes it out, others won’t be able to see it, and she’s going to join the runaway team, so the exercise is more intense, and it’s not suitable for her. Don’t think too much about wearing jewelry.”

Xiao Churan shook his head and said seriously: “I don’t think things should be that simple. You wait and see if my mother wears that necklace tomorrow. If she doesn’t wear it tomorrow, then I guess she wants to sell this necklace. .”

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