The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4655

Ye Chen didn’t think that Xiao Churan could predict Ma Lan so accurately, so he smiled and said: “Oh, don’t worry about it so much, since it’s a gift for mom, what she does with it is her freedom, we No right to interfere.”

“Besides, I don’t think Mom would do such a thing. If you don’t believe me, when we return to China, you’ll know if she still has this necklace.”

Xiao Churan couldn’t help sighing and said helplessly: “I don’t want to interfere in her affairs, but she is really disappointing when she does things sometimes. After all, this necklace was given to her by you, I hope she doesn’t give it to her for profit. It’s sold.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, this necklace will definitely be there when we go back.”

Xiao Churan didn’t know why Ye Chen was so sure, but this kind of hypothetical issue was not easy to discuss too deeply, so he nodded and sighed, “I hope so…”


At this moment, New York, the Fei family.

Since the plane that Fei Kexin and Ye Chen took off from Hong Kong Island, Fei Jianzhong has been anxiously and eagerly looking forward to it at home. This hope is a whole day.

Although Fei Jianzhong relied on the half blood-saving heart pill given by Ye Chen to successfully survive, he also knew very well that he was on the verge of death at the beginning, and more than half of the efficacy of the medicine was estimated to be spent on saving life, not prolonging life.

This is why, Ye Chen said at the time, the half pill could give him an extra year, at most two years.

It is precisely because of this that Fei Jian Center has already started to count down his life. He pinned most of his hopes on the Huichun Dan auction next year. However, he was also very anxious about it.

After all, he is no longer the Patriarch of the Fei Family. When he was the Patriarch of the Fei Family, he was unable to successfully photograph Huichundan, but now that he has abdicated to become a sage, the situation next year is still unknown.

Although he did not doubt Fei Kexin’s character and filial piety, he was worried that the price of next year’s Huichundan would be even higher than this year, or even much higher.

If it is really much higher, even if Fei Kexin is willing to pay, I am afraid it is not enough.

Therefore, this time Fei Kexin went to Hong Kong Island to help Ye Chen solve Chen Zhaozhong’s matter, which gave Fei Jianzhong a glimmer of hope.

He thinks he knows Ye Chen’s character well. Generally speaking, he doesn’t owe others favors, and many times, he respects him by one foot, and he respects others by ten feet.

Fei Kexin, as the head of the Fei family, ran all the way here, thinking that Ye Chen should have something to say.

Fei Jianzhong didn’t dare to expect Ye Chen to send Fei Kexin a rejuvenation pill, but if Ye Chen could give her half a blood-scattering pill, it would be an extra year or two, or even two or three for him. Years of Yangshou.

It is precisely because of this that he hadn’t slept well last night, and all he thought about was the Blood Rescue Pill.

There were several times in the middle, he almost couldn’t help but wanted to call or send a message to ask Fei Kexin, but when he thought that she should be with Ye Chen the whole time, he could only wait for Fei Kexin to come back and give it to himself. Reveal the answer.

The plane that Fei Kexin took first sent Ye Chen to Providence, and then flew from Providence to New York. They landed together, and the flight in the middle was delayed by almost forty minutes.

When he heard that Fei Kexin’s plane had landed at JFK Airport in New York, Fei Jian Center was even more uneasy.

Originally, he really wanted to go to the airport to pick up the plane, so that the mystery could be solved as soon as possible.

However, when he thought that his granddaughter was very smart and was very good at observing details, he was afraid that his actions would make Fei Kexin aware of it, so he could only resist the impulse and wait at home anxiously.

When the butler came to tell him that the eldest lady’s motorcade had entered the main entrance, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and quickly said to the butler, “Quick, help me outside to meet you!”

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