The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4658

At the moment when Grandpa asked this question, Fei Kexin was a little flustered in his heart.

But fortunately, Ye Chen had given her a vaccination in advance, so she wouldn’t be in a mess when dealing with it.

So, she said calmly: “Grandpa, Mr. Ye clearly said on the way back this time, he said that our Fei family’s performance on many things during this period of time has made him very satisfied, so he passed the paragraph. Time will come to New York to meet you in person and thank you in person.”

Fei Jianzhong suddenly became a little nervous, and couldn’t help but ask, “Ke Xin, does Mr. Ye really say that?”

“Yes.” Fei Kexin nodded and said step by step: “Originally, Mr. Ye said that he would definitely show something to the Fei family. I ask him to consider your grandfather’s situation and take care of you as much as possible. situation and feelings.”

Fei Kexin was a little more careful at this time.

In fact, Ye Chen gave the Fei family two rewards this time in order to show his recognition of the Fei family.

One is that there is a scattered blood and heart-saving pill hidden in oneself;

The other is the million-dollar promise to keep grandpa alive for another ten years.

Fei Kexin knew that Ye Chen did all this to consolidate his dominance in the Fei family, so he could not live up to Ye Chen’s expectations for him.

Right now is a good opportunity for her to perform in front of her grandfather, so she deliberately described Ye Chen’s second reward as her own initiative to transfer Ye Chen’s reward to the entire Fei family to grandpa alone.

Although saying that made her feel somewhat guilty, considering the ultimate goal of the matter, she could only try her best to overcome the obstacles in her heart.

When Fei Jianzhong heard Fei Kexin say this, he was naturally very pleasantly surprised. He couldn’t help but say, “Kexin, you…you said that, did Mr. Ye agree?”

Looking at Fei Jianzhong’s incomparably strange eyes, Fei Kexin nodded lightly and said seriously, “Mr. Ye has agreed.”

Fei Jianzhong hurriedly asked again: “Ke Xin, based on your inference, what kind of reward will Mr. Ye… give me in this matter?”

Fei Kexin said earnestly: “Grandpa, Mr. Ye knows your biggest difficulty right now, and I believe he will definitely help you out.”

Fei Jianzhong’s eyes lit up and he blurted out, “If that’s the case, then it would be even better!”

Speaking, he couldn’t help looking at Fei Kexin and sighed: “Ke Xin, grandpa can live to this day, thanks to you, if it weren’t for you, grandpa’s old bones would have been buried in the ground long ago… …”

Fei Kexin smiled slightly and said seriously: “Grandpa, in fact, it is thanks to Mr. Ye that you and I are alive today.”

“Yes…” Fei Jianzhong couldn’t help sighing with emotion, and said sincerely: “It is really a blessing for three lives to be able to form a bond with Mr. Ye.”

Having said that, he remembered something and asked quickly, “Ke Xin, did Mr. Ye say when he will come to New York?”

“No.” Fei Kexin said, “Mr. Ye only said that he would make time to come over before returning to China. He didn’t say which day. However, this time, Mr. Ye accompanied his wife to the United States for more than a month, so I It is estimated that it will be about twenty days in the future at the latest.”

“Okay, great!” Fei Jianzhong sighed: “It seems that my old bone can be buried three or two years later…”



Ma Lan, who is walking fast with the middle-aged and elderly runaway team, is in a particularly good mood.

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