The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4667

Man Jinshan asked again: “Aunt Mei, if that Ma Lan successfully brought the goods to Hong Kong Island, should we arrange for someone to tie her up again? After all, her family is quite rich, so she can’t let it go in vain!”

Chen Liping sneered: “That’s natural, let her help us bring the second-hand goods, it’s only a million dollars if we succeed, if you tie her up, maybe you can knock out several million dollars! But we have to wait for her. After successfully arriving on Hong Kong Island, if she is caught in New York, it will be useless.”

After that, Chen Liping stood up and said, “I’m going to the runaway team, and there’s an old man over there who came to visit relatives in the United States. He’s been flirting with me recently, and he’s going back in two days. Take it, get ready, go to the Chinese District of Seattle to inspect and see if there is a suitable big house, if there is, rent it, and when I get this old man, we will move to Seattle.”

Man Yingjie hurriedly said, “Aunt Mei, isn’t Seattle a little too far? Thousands of kilometers from east to west…”

Chen Liping said coldly: “What do you know, every time you change places, you have to be as far away as possible! After Seattle is over, you will temporarily leave the United States and go to Toronto and Vancouver for a while, and will not return to the United States within this year. .”

After she finished speaking, she stared at Man Jinshan and Man Yingjie, and said coldly, “If you two become so addicted to alcohol, I will not take you in the future. You should go back to northern Myanmar!”

The two hurriedly assured: “Don’t worry, we will never be greedy again…”

Chen Liping then glared at Sun Huina, who shivered in fright and said repeatedly, “Don’t worry, Aunt Mei, I will never play with my phone again…”

Seeing that the three of them had made promises, Chen Liping’s expression softened a little, and said coldly, “I’m leaving, you guys hurry up and clean up!”

Man Yingjie suddenly received a message at this time, opened it, and said quickly: “Aunt Mei, last time the old lady Zhou’s son’s blood matching result came out, there is a patient in the United States who can match him, buy The family offered $500,000, but he asked to complete the transplant as soon as possible, what do you think about the arrangement?”

“It matches?” Chen Liping’s eyes lit up, and she said in surprise: “You told him that if it is urgent, you have to pay 800,000 US dollars, pay a deposit of 400,000 US dollars first, and you can go to Mexico for surgery next week. The remaining 400,000 yuan will be paid by the family before leaving the operating table.”

Man Yingjie hurriedly said: “Aunt Mei, although the buyer’s economic situation is not bad, it may be difficult for the 800,000 US dollars…”

Chen Liping scolded with contempt: “Damn, if you are in trouble, find a way! He wants a heart, not a kidney! In order to save him, my mother has to take someone else’s life, and $800,000 is cheap. Him!”

“And he is so urgent. After the heart is removed, I am not sure whether other organs will be able to be shot in time. If he is not in a hurry, I can still find a buyer for the liver and kidney, and we will do the surgery together. Since he is in a hurry , then you have to cover the damage for me, you tell him, at this price, whether you want it or not!”

With that said, Chen Liping waved her hand and said coldly, “Call him now!”

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