The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4700

Since Ma Lan was arrested, no one has ever given her a good face.

Injury and fear have had a great negative impact on her body and mind.

Seeing James White talking to her so respectfully now, she burst into tears with excitement.

While crying, she said extremely aggrieved: “They not only beat me and scolded me, but also threatened me and threatened me… I have told them many times that I was deceived, and I did not Know what’s in that suitcase, but they’re still very impatient with me, like I’m a criminal… it’s just too much…”

Hearing this, the sub-director on the side froze, and immediately reprimanded: “You bastards! Why didn’t you send Ms. Ma to the hospital in time?! Why did you have to carry out treatment on Ms. Ma when she knew that she was injured? Interrogation?! In addition, what happened to Ms. Ma’s injury, who did it? Stand up and explain it to me!”

Everyone was so nervous that they didn’t know how to answer, and they could only look at Jimmy Wayne who was on the side.

Seeing this, Jimmy Wayne could only step forward in a panic, and said hesitantly: “Director… yes… I accidentally crushed Ms. Ma’s ribs. …she was fighting back then, and I was on a mission too…”

James White said sharply at this time: “You look very strong, and my client is just a weak old lady. Your weight is at least twice my client’s weight. I believe that if you just want to subdue my client It’s so easy, there’s no need to crush her ribs at all!”

Jimmy Wayne’s cold sweat flowed down his cheeks instantly, and he didn’t know how to justify himself in the face of James White’s questioning.

James White didn’t look at him again at this time, but looked at the branch chief on the side, and said coldly: “Before you submit the evidence to my assistant, I hope you can suspend this person for investigation, my client. Your body has suffered so much damage, and you have encountered all kinds of unequal treatment, including racial discrimination. You must at least show some attitude. Otherwise, I will directly leave this matter to the media to warm up and ferment. You will definitely be more passive by then.”

As soon as the sub-director heard this, he immediately knew what happened today. If Jimmy Wayne was not thrown out, James White would not be able to let it go.

And even if Jimmy Wayne is thrown out as a scapegoat, with James White’s usual style of acting, this matter can’t be revealed, at most it can be a little buffer.

However, as long as it can be buffered, it is somewhat beneficial.

So he could only turn around and look at Jimmy Wayne, who was terrified beside him, and said coldly, “Wayne, hand over your police ID and gun, first suspend your duty for investigation, can you resume your original post? , or whether to face legal sanctions, we have to wait for the results of the investigation to decide!”

Jimmy Wayne knew that he was doomed today, so he could only nod helplessly, took off his ID and gun, then looked at Ma Lan, and said pleadingly: “Ms. Ma, just now I’m just impatient, I really don’t mean to hurt you, and I hope you can forgive me this time.”

Without waiting for Ma Lan to speak, James White on the side said coldly: “In three seconds, if you don’t disappear from my eyes, I will immediately arrange for other colleagues to come and sue you!”

Jimmy Wayne’s face was pale with fright, and he could only leave the police station first.

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