The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4710

At that time, this transaction far exceeded the local market price, and the buyer was once persuaded by the high price.

But Mei Yuzhen is very smart.

She could see the couple’s desperate hope for a child, and also saw that the one-year-old baby was somewhat similar to a man, so she described the child’s appearance to the couple based on the child’s facial features, saying that the child grew up. It must be very similar to the man.

In addition, the astute Mei Yuzhen also hit the most moving pain point: because they look alike, as long as they take the child to live in another place, and when the child grows up, no one will suspect that the child is buying Come here, even if you bring it back to your hometown in China in three or five years, no one will doubt it if you say it is your own child.

Moreover, she also told the couple that, unlike the adopted child, the child she brought is not yet one year old and will never have any memory of her original parents when she grows up.

In Mei Yuzhen’s words, as long as you buy this child, the family will be passed on in one step.

So, the persuaded couple bought the child with $30,000, while Mei Yuzhen got $25,000.

At the time, the money was more than what she earned as a nanny for two years.

Since then, Mei Yuzhen has embarked on the evil road of “making quick money”.

In the early years, she used various identities under various identities to select Chinese families with babies. Later, with the popularity of the Internet, many Chinese families dared not hire illegal immigrants as babysitters, so Mei Yuzhen changed her career and started other businesses. She catches up with the current line.

Over the years, Mei Yuzhen has made more and more money. Her two sons both live in large villas and drive luxury cars. Her eight grandchildren are also healthy and sensible. Leafy splendor.

Because she has been away from home for too long and has many grandchildren, Mei Yuzhen is more and more eager to return to China to reunite with them earlier.

In her own words, even if they are bad people, they should retire to take care of themselves.

And she is now more and more eager to retire that day.

But Mei Yuzhen is also very clear in her heart that neither of her two sons is the material for reading, and they have no real skills other than spending money and playing with women, and her husband is only from a farmer, and she and him have no relationship for 20 years. Married life has nothing in common.

In the final analysis, the entire family, a husband, two sons, two daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren, have no ability to make money, and rely on her income in the United States to enjoy a good life.

Once she retires, the whole family will enter a stage of sitting and eating.

So for Mei Yuzhen, how to accumulate more money before retirement as soon as possible has become her most urgent thing now.

Originally, she thought that after Ma Lan’s business was successful, plus the big order from Mexico, she could earn at least $200,000, and she was one step closer to her success.

But I never thought that something happened to Ma Lan.

So, to avoid the limelight for a while and to ensure that business in Mexico is not affected, she decided to go to Mexico in person.

After the business in Mexico is done, she will have to come back with another identity. At that time, Chen Liping will no longer exist in the Chinese circle. Instead, she will have another identity.

Thinking back on this, Mei Yuzhen couldn’t help sighing softly, and at the same time made up her mind in her heart: “After returning from Mexico this time, I will change my identity again and try my best to make a fortune from him. After the end, I will leave the United States and never come back!”

As she said that, she took out her mobile phone and found the photos of her grandchildren, and her faith in making money suddenly became firmer.

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