The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4744

Jessica was a little shocked when she saw Chloe being beaten into a pig’s head. She couldn’t help but blurt out, “You…what’s the matter with you?!”

Chloe was even more broken at this time. She originally regarded Jessica as her savior, but in a blink of an eye Jessica became a prisoner. Her heart was also desperate at this time, and she blurted out: “Don’t worry about me for now. , first tell me what’s going on with you…”

Jessica said in pain: “It’s not because of your cooperation with you to sell cigarettes at high prices… That damn 1024, her family bought a thousand cigarettes from my sister in one go with a million dollars in cash. Cigarette, my sister just put the cigarettes together, and then was stolen by the FBI, and I was arrested by the FBI before I got off work…”

“”What did you say? ! ”

Chloe exclaimed and blurted out, “The family of 1024 bought a thousand cigarettes?! Didn’t we agree to buy two cigarettes today?!”

Jessica gritted her teeth and said, “I did buy two at first, and then I bought a thousand in one go.”

Chloe immediately asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about this?! Do you want to take that money for yourself?!”

Jessica scolded: “Stop fucking fart! The time to let go is over, how can I tell you? I plan to make money first and tell you tomorrow, but I don’t know what will happen soon after. Was approached by the FBI and arrested!”

Chloe asked again: “Then…then what charges did they arrest you on?”

Jessica said sullenly: “I am now suspected of taking bribes, using power for personal gain and extortion…”

Chloe asked in horror: “You are suspected of extortion, this… has nothing to do with me?”

Jessica smiled wryly and said, “Chloe, don’t forget, you came up with the idea of ​​extortion, and all these people, including 1024, were also coerced by you, so it’s time to do it. Court, I am only an accomplice, you are the principal!”

“What did you say?!” Chloe only felt a whirlwind.

She is also a veteran in prison. After seeing all kinds of prisoners here, she has mastered more than half of the US Federal Criminal Code without any teacher.

As long as Chloe listens to the other party’s description of the crime, he will know what kind of crime he should be convicted of and how long the sentence will be.

And extortion of more than 1 million US dollars has almost reached the maximum penalty for the crime of extortion.

As the principal offender, coupled with the previous sentence, wouldn’t that mean you have to go to jail? !

Thinking of this, Chloe was in despair. She looked at Ma Lan and cried and asked, “You… Who are you… Since your family is so powerful, why do you Caught here for carrying contraband?! No… Since your family is so powerful, why do you still carry contraband?! You… are you not cheating?! Are you seriously ill?!”

When Ma Lan thought about this, she felt aggrieved and uncomfortable, and thought to herself: “Fuck, my son-in-law is so good, and I can find such a great relationship in New York, but as his mother-in-law, To be able to be played around by that Chen Liping and that Zong Qiuhua, I really stumbled, the more I think about it, the more angry I get!”

Thinking that Chloe actually said that he was cheating, Ma Lan suddenly became even more angry, raised his hand, and continued to slam Chloe with his bows left and right, scolding angrily: “What are you, you dare to come. To ridicule your grandma Ma, I tell you, your grandma Ma was framed by someone!”

Chloe almost fainted after being beaten. Seeing that Ma Lan had been beating for so long, he didn’t even want to stop and rest his hands, and suddenly cried and begged: “Grandma Ma, please forgive me… If you fight again, you will really be killed…”

Ma Lan slapped the face again: “Damn! Grandma Ma is also something you can call?”

Chloe’s entire face was beaten into a pig’s head. It was as painful as it was painful. However, facing her plea, not only did Malan soften at all, even the other inmates, and even Chloe’s former confidant. All also secretly applauded.

In fact, they have suffered from Chloe for a long time. Most of the inmates are extremely dissatisfied with Chloe’s wanton oppression of others on weekdays, and most of them have also been scolded and beaten by her. The head fell into the pitiful appearance in front of them, and they finally felt the thrill of getting revenge for a great revenge!

At this time, Ma Lan was also tired.

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