The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4777

Juarez said: “I have important things to do. You can continue to play here first, and the chips are left to you.”

After he finished speaking, he greeted his four bodyguards and said, “Carlos is going to drive, Hector called to inform everyone, and told them to immediately put down what they were doing and go to the operating room to gather. Remember, everyone must be fully dressed. Armed!”

The subordinate named Hector asked in surprise: “Boss, what’s so serious that you want all the brothers to rush over?”

Juarez said: “It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily a good thing. We will have to wait to find out, but whether it is good or bad, we must be fully prepared.”

From Juarez’s point of view, if Ye Chen is indeed a good opportunity for his own success, then he must take good care of it, not only to let Ye Chen see his sincerity, but also to let Ye Chen see his own strength.

And if this Ye Chen is not good, he can bring his brothers with him, and he can avoid danger as much as possible.


Crazy Juarez has more than 200 direct members.

Most of these people are native to Mexico.

In Mexico, the prevalence of guns is not inferior to that in the United States, especially criminal groups. Not only everyone has guns, but many also have standard equipment smuggled in at high prices from the United States.

Therefore, the combat effectiveness of the members of Crazy Juarez is not inferior to that of the military police.

When they received the boss’s order, they all took their equipment and quickly went to the small village where the operating room was located.

Juarez, who has been fighting on the streets for many years, has always required all members of Crazy Juarez to be able to drive and have a car of their own.

The reason is to enhance the mobility of the entire group.

In Juarez’s view, this is as important as the motorization of the modern army.

In addition, he also requires that all members have radio stations installed in their cars. At the same time, in order to ensure smooth radio communication, he has set up multiple radio repeater stations within a 100-kilometer radius of Ensenada to improve the coverage of radio communications. range and communication quality.

At this time, he was sitting in his bulletproof car, holding the hand microphone of the car radio, and instructed: “Everyone pay attention, no matter where you start from, do not enter the village where the operating room is located without authorization! First, second , The third team assembled at the eastern entrance of the village, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth teams assembled at the western entrance of the village. After everyone assembled, listen to my orders and use a pincer attack to complete the encirclement of the operating room! The team leaders received it immediately. Reply!”

Soon, the voices of many people came from the walkie-talkie: “The first team received it.”

“Second team received.”

“Team three received…”

After all the six squad leaders confirmed the order, Juarez continued: “After you enter the operating room within a three-mile radius, you must pay close attention to the environment around you, and report to me as soon as you find suspicious people hiding. .”

Juarez has experienced all kinds of Rush and has a lot of fighting experience.

In his view, regardless of whether the opponent has secretly deployed troops, pincer offensive can best ensure the display of combat effectiveness.

If the enemy is in the center, the pincer attack can well encircle the enemy. If the enemy is on the periphery, after the two forces converge in the pincer attack, they can rely on the center point to defend against external enemies.

Juarez’s method is very efficient when facing ordinary criminal groups.

But he could not have imagined that what he had to face was precisely the king of the mercenaries, the Wanlong Palace.

According to the tactics planned by Ye Chen before, the members of Wanlong Hall were all scattered and hidden one or two kilometers away from the village, in order to wait for the other party to complete the assembly, then tighten the encirclement and put all the other party in their pockets.

Moreover, these Wanlong Hall members are all martial arts masters, and their strength is much stronger than that of ordinary mercenaries.

Therefore, when they are hidden, these members of Crazy Juarez, even if they pass by them, will not notice any abnormality!

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