The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4827

Ito Nanako gently opened the door, left her slippers outside the door, and walked in barefoot.

When Ito Yuhiko saw Ito Nanako dressed up like a fairy, he couldn’t help but proudly said: “Nanako, my father can’t wait to see you when you get married, it must be more beautiful than now, I am afraid that by then, all of Japan will be amazed by you! ”

Ito Nanako smiled slightly and said with a smile: “Father, Nanako didn’t think about getting married too early.”

“Oh…” Ito Yuhiko responded and said with emotion, “I still can’t put Ye Chen in my heart?”

Ito Nanako didn’t hide it, and said seriously: “Back to my father, it’s not that Nanako can’t let go of Marven Ye, it’s that there is no one else’s place except him. Even if he is let go, there will be no one else.”

Ito Yuhiko was stunned for a moment, and said with some distress: “Nanako, Ye Chen is good, but you don’t know how long you have to wait for him, the golden age of a woman is only ten years from twenty to thirty years old, you this year I am already twenty-three years old, if I miss the golden period, I am afraid I will regret it for the rest of my life!”

Ito Nanako said with a smile: “How come, the golden period of a woman is here, whether you marry or not, it is the golden period, even if I can’t get married during this golden period, I will still let myself The year has been wonderful enough, and my father doesn’t have to worry about me.”

Having said that, Ito Nanako said again: “I want to come to my father, and I don’t want me to marry someone I don’t like in my best years, and then I can’t smile in front of people all day long, but I have to cry secretly behind people all day long.”

Ito Yuhiko nodded solemnly and said, “You are right! In any case, father hopes that you can live a happy life every day.”

Ito Nanako smiled knowingly, looked at the set of patterned hakama hanging on the wall, and said with a smile: “Father, there is no other half in life, although it is also a kind of disability, but as long as you can adjust your mentality and plan your life well , you can still have a wonderful life, which is the same as if you lost your legs, as long as you can adjust your mentality, you can still make your life more wonderful.”

As she spoke, she said, “Your tattooed hakama is really the best set I have ever seen. Even if you lose your legs, I believe that you will still look handsome after wearing it. I also want you to change into this set of tattoos. After Haori Hakama, I will take a picture with you and let those Japanese media who have been paying attention to the Ito family send it out.”

“Send it out?” Ito Yuhiko subconsciously refused: “No! Absolutely not! I will never allow the media to reveal the appearance of me in a wheelchair, not even a half-length photo!”

Nanako Ito smiled and said seriously: “Don’t forget, Father, you are the famous Takehiko Ito. Countless young people in Japan regard you as an idol. Many people know your birthday today, and even launched a campaign online. A popular entry for your birthday, they all want to see your inspirational appearance after the amputation, you must not let them down at this time!”

Saying that, Ito Nanako sighed and continued to coax him: “Think about it, if they can’t see your latest photos today, I’m afraid they will think that you are decadent now, in case they start an online campaign. The entry to comfort and cheer for Takehiko Ito, when you see it, won’t you feel uncomfortable?”

Hearing this, Ito Yuhiko said without hesitation, “Let someone bring my prosthesis! I’m going to stand and shoot!”

Ito Nanako secretly smiled and said quickly, “Then wait a moment, I’ll have someone prepare it.”

After all, go out the door quickly.

Ito Yuhiko has always been more resistant to prosthetics, mainly because he was amputated at the thigh and very close to the ischial tuberosity. After such a high level of amputation, it is difficult to control even the best prosthesis, and the experience of using it will be worse.

If the calf is amputated, the part above the knee can still exert force normally, then wearing the prosthesis can basically walk normally and even run occasionally without any problem, but Takehiko Ito has already amputated the root of the leg, in this case, the prosthesis is almost I can only stagger up two steps, and because it is too close to the base of the thigh, the wear and discomfort are also very strong. When I sit down, I can’t fully sit on the buttocks, and it takes less than ten minutes to feel pain and numbness.

Therefore, many times Ito Yuhiko would rather sit in a wheelchair than wear a prosthesis.

However, now being coaxed by Nanako Ito, he has no previous decadence and dissatisfaction with prosthetics.

Ito Nanako walked out of the room quickly, and hurriedly called the housekeeper over to help her father change clothes and put on a prosthesis.

As soon as Ito Nanako finished the order, the servant ran over with a mobile phone and said to Ito Nanako, “Miss, your phone number!”

Ito Nanako nodded, took the phone over and looked at it, and suddenly burst into joy.

Because there are three words written on the phone: Ye Chenjun.

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