The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4859

Li Yalin said embarrassedly: “Auntie, tell me what’s in my heart, I don’t know how to explain it to their mothers when I go back. The child just sent me information that she was pregnant, and I disappeared…”

As he said that, he also wanted to divert the old lady’s attention, so he asked An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, my wife should have looked for you, right? How did you tell her?”

An Chongqiu sneered twice: “What can I say…I can’t say it clearly…At the time, my benefactor told me not to tell your wife that you were dead anyway, so let me talk to you. She said you disappeared, or eloped with another woman, how can I say that…”

Li Yalin sighed and said: “Then think about how to explain it to them when you go back. If there is no relatively perfect explanation for this matter, their mothers will probably always have doubts…”

An Chongqiu thought for a while, and said, “Why don’t you say that you were in a bad mood because you were forced to retire early, and you found a place to relax?”

Li Yalin said embarrassedly: “This is too irresponsible. If my daughter didn’t tell me that she was pregnant, I would have fooled me, but the key is that the child told me that she was pregnant, such a big happy event. , in the end, I also found a place to relax because I was in a bad mood, isn’t this half-hearted…”

An Chongqiu smacked his lips and said, “Hey, you’ve been missing for so many days without any news, and you’re still stuck at such an important node as your daughter’s pregnancy. If you don’t tell the truth, there’s really no good solution…”

The rest of the An family were also a little worried for a while. They also knew the situation in Li Yalin’s family. His wife and children had been separated from him for many years, and there had been some estrangement.

And he suddenly disappeared at that key point at the time, and at the same time he couldn’t tell his wife and children the truth. This was really tricky, and there was almost no good way to deal with it properly.

It is estimated that Li Yalin will not be able to escape from being complained by his wife and daughter when he returns home this time.

Just when everyone was worried with Li Yalin, Fei Kexin thought of something and said, “Inspector Li, I have a solution, let’s see if you can accept it.”

Li Yalin hurriedly said: “Miss Fei, please don’t be so polite to me. If you have any good ideas, feel free to tell me. No matter whether it works or not, I, Li Yalin, are grateful.”

Fei Kexin said: “The series of things that happened to the Fei family because of Fei Haoyang are well known to everyone, and the outside world also knows that the police have never found out who killed their bastards, so You can explain to your wife and daughter that I am asking you in private to help me investigate the mastermind behind this matter;”

“But because I ask you to keep it absolutely confidential, you can’t say hello to them in advance, and these days you are also under my request, and you must keep silent, so you have no way to tell your family your whereabouts;”

“And you can also tell them that you have always been very unwilling to this case, and that you have such an opportunity to join forces with the Fei family, you also want to make up for this regret, so you agreed to my request, if they don’t Trust this rhetoric, and I can endorse it for you.”

Li Yalin pondered for a moment, nodded and said, “This idea is really good. The reason, motivation, and details can stand up to scrutiny…”

With that, Li Yalin sighed and said helplessly, “It’s just that because of my focus on work, my relationship with my daughter has never been very good, and we have similar personalities, so no one can convince anyone. So for so long, it’s kind of like a cold war…”

“It wasn’t until I was forced to retire and smashed the sign of the Chinese detective that she took the initiative to comfort me, and took the initiative to tell me the news of her pregnancy, hoping that I could return to their mother and daughter…”

“As a father, I also understand that my daughter is here to comfort me, so she took the initiative to let go of her temper and face, and gave me a step down…”

“But if I go back and tell her that because of my resentment in my heart, I ignore the steps she gave and the news of her pregnancy, and I just disappeared for so many days and went to investigate the case. I’m afraid she will be even more disappointed in me. …”

Fei Kexin smiled slightly and said: “Actually, this is also easy to solve, you said that I asked you for help and offered you a lot of money, and you originally wanted to refuse, but considering that you are going to be a grandfather soon At the same time, I am happy, and I also want to create more and better conditions for the children, so I decided to make this money first. Your core motivation is to return the unborn child, and the second is to investigate the case incidentally. , I’m sure they will understand you.”

After saying that, Fei Kexin said again: “I’ll write you a check for ten million dollars later, then you can go back with the check, give the check to your daughter, explain the situation to her, and then Saying that this is what I paid you, and that you let her take it for the unborn baby, I believe she will be moved by your future grandfather’s heart.”

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