The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4867

Fei Kexin said indifferently: “In your eyes, 10 million may be a lot, but for me, 10 million US dollars is not as good as the one percent of the compensation I will pay to those victims on behalf of the Fei family. It’s actually very dangerous, and a little carelessness could cost your life.”

Immediately afterwards, Fei Kexin further explained: “Also, the matter of Fei Haoyang is known all over the world, and you must have heard of it. The Fei family spent billions of dollars, 10 million dollars in order to make up for the victims as much as possible. Here, it’s just a drop in the bucket.”

As she said that, she looked at Chen Junmei and Li Yuanyuan behind her, and said seriously: “Actually, what I want to say is that you shouldn’t subjectively complain that Inspector Li didn’t greet you before, after all, I entrusted him to do this. This matter is not only very complicated, but also very dangerous, if you are not careful, you may even die;”

“Inspector Li had already retired and planned to go back to take care of his life. There was absolutely no need to take risks, but it was precisely because the commission of 10 million dollars made his heart that he would take the risk and accept this commission, and he did this, not In order to solve the case, not to make money for himself, but for the child in his daughter’s belly.”

Seeing their jaw-dropping expressions, Fei Kexin continued: “Also, Detective Li has gone through a lot of dangers naively these days. As an employer, I admire his courage and his sense of responsibility to his family; ”

“He exchanged his life for 10 million dollars so that his future grandson or granddaughter would be able to ensure that he or she would live a life without food and clothing, and lay an excellent foundation in life for him or her, before he or she was born. To be able to be born to be a superior person, and to struggle for decades less than other peers!”

“For this, even if he gave his life, he would not hesitate. I personally think that this is very great!”

“So Mrs. Li, I think you should not only blame Inspector Li, but give him a big hug and apologize to him for your irrational behavior just now, what do you think?”

At this time, Chen Junmei and Li Yuanyuan’s mother and daughter were extremely shocked.

The An family members and Li Yalin were also shocked.

Because they can all see that Fei Kexin’s ability to reverse the situation and control the rhythm is too strong, and his performance in this regard is a master.

The ability to tell a lie so easily and so impassively is not weak.

After Fei Kexin said these words, Li Yalin felt a little ashamed.

He knew exactly what he was, so he couldn’t help sneering at himself: “I’m not a goddamn great, I was beaten into a sieve when I was still confused, it’s worse than cannon fodder, even if cannon fodder can’t kill the enemy, anyway I can also shout twice and fire two shots in front of the battle, I’m so outrageous, I don’t even have a chance to let one go and fall down…”

Just when Li Yalin felt ashamed, her daughter Li Yuanyuan couldn’t hold back.

She threw herself into Li Yalin’s arms crying and choked: “Dad, our family is not short of money, why are you fighting so hard…”

Li Yalin was a little flustered all of a sudden, and he couldn’t say anything for a while.

Still Fei Kexin said on the side: “Inspector Li said that there is no shortage of money, but I still hope that the child can have a better life in the future.”

At this time, Chen Junmei also changed from the anger just now to a mixture of emotion, shame, and fear.

She couldn’t help but burst into tears and asked Li Yalin, “Old Li, how old are you, why do you work so hard when you finally retire!”

Li Yalin sneered and said embarrassingly: “Just… just like what Miss Fei said… it’s all for the children, for the children… ”

She reached out and stroked the half of Li Yalin’s face that was flushed by her slap, and asked with extreme guilt, “Does it hurt? I’m sorry, it’s all my fault…”

Li Yalin was flattered and said, “It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt at all, it doesn’t hurt at all!”

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Three chapters per day equals to about 3 minutes of reading. Stopped reading this novel for over a month and only ended up needing 90 minutes to catch-up. For the love of God, can you please either release 10-20 chapters at a time or just don’t release anymore until you can publish the entire novel.

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